GY451 and 451G Advanced Geographic Information Systems
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Advanced Cartography/GIS is required for the geotechniques concentration of the geography major. For that concentration, it must be taken TWICE. However, it may be taken for a maximum of FOUR times. Thus, four different versions of this course are offered.

Level One--Teaches GeoMedia from Intergraph and compares and contrasts the philosophy and functions of GeoMedia with ESRI's ArcGIS and ArcView. In this comparison, this course endeavors to strengthen the use and understanding of the ESRI software and capabilities.

Syllabus Level One

Level Two--Expands GIS skills by additional work focussing on the extensions of ArcView and ArcGIS.

Syllabus Level Two

Level Three--Teaches Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for ArcGIS, examines the use of relational databases, and applies VBA to Access.

Syllabus Level Three

Level Four--Expands the knowledge of ArcGIS and ArcInfo through continued study and use with emphasis on individualized projects and study and exposure to system administration tasks.

Syllabus Level Four

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