Directed Research (in Geographic Information Science)


The purpose of this course is to use GIS to undertake a research project that utilizes basic spatial statistics and advanced processing techniques. Both a research proposal and a research report are required, and they must contain publishable quality maps. A narrated presentation of the results must, also, be submitted. This may be either in PowerPoint (.pptx) or video (.wmv) format. Thus, the course is to designed to assist the students in developing their skills to perform and to present professional quality research using GIS analysis.

The format for the research report requires that all headings and subheadings be included.

Samples of the research report are available. One sample of a research report is provided here, and both a proposal and a report are included in the Blackboard course shell.

Documentation of all resources used is required. For help with using the reference ribbon in MS Word, see my PowerPoint Presentation.