Qualitative Research (in Emergency Management) EM864


Week 1 Introduction to Qualitative Research: Overview and Paradigms and Research
Readings 1

Week 2 Types of Qualitative Research: Diverse Methods Employed
Readings 2

Week 3 Case Studies and Other Methods: Case Study Examples and Other Types
Readings 3

Week 4 Study Design and Sampling: Qualitative Reserach Design and Sampling Concerns
Readings 4

Week 5 Interviewing Techniques: Interviewing and Questionnaire Design and Formulation
Readings 5

Week 6 Midterm Examination

Week 7 Observation: Types of Observations and Methods and Problems
Readings 7

Week 8 Documents as Data Sources: Document Examination and Analysis
Readings 8

Week 9 Ways to Analyze Data: Diverse Methods Employed
Readings 9

Week 10 Reserach Quality: Measures of Quality and Ethics
Readings 10

Week 11 Qualitative Research Proposals and Reports: Writing Proposals and Reporting Results
Readings 11

Week 12 Final Examination