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Weiss Lake Conservation Task Force
A Project of Jacksonville State University's
Environmental Policy & Information Center

    Water supply and water quality have been important environmental and economic policy issues for public and private interests for many years.  Federal, state, regional and local agencies, organizations, colleges and other institutions are involved in activities to study and protect Weiss Lake.  However, this fragmented approach is not sufficient to present a comprehensive assessment of lake resources and quality.  Through the coordination of  JSU's EPIC, leadership of Congressmen Tom Bevill and Robert Aderholt, with assistance from Ms. Remell Williams, Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce (CCC) Executive Director,  the Weiss Lake Conservation Task Force (WLCTF) was created to provide a cohesive approach to lake resource issues.  Weiss Lake deserves this attention due to the fact that there are intense environmental and natural resources demands on the lake, and because Weiss Lake has been estimated to contribute over $200,000,000 per year to the region’s economy. (For details, refer to the Weiss Lake Study.)
    The WLCTF was first established by Congressman Tom Bevill, in cooperation with Representative Richard Lindsay, Probate Judge Bobby Junkins, resident Joe Hicks and the Environmental Policy and Information Center (EPIC) Director, Pete Conroy. It was then reestablished by Congressman Aderholt. Congressman Mike Rogers remains interested in the continued operation of the Task Force and in April 2003 he appointed JSU's EPIC Director Pete Conroy to continue his service as chairman of the Task Force. To date, little activity is being conducted as sensitive negotiations between Alabama and Georgia over the Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa (ACT) River Basin Compact are still on going.
     The Task Force was created under the guidance of an existing US EPA Clean Lakes project for Weiss Lake pursuant to Section 314 of the Clean Water Act. Section 319 of the Clean Water Act will be used for remedial action.

Goals And Mission
    The Lake Weiss Clean Lakes Task Force mission to ensure that the Lake’s resources, and those in the watershed, are maintained at the highest quality to support recreation, water supply, flood control, power generation, fish habitat and other appropriate activities and extend the effective “life” of Weiss Lake.

The goals of the Task Force are:
  1. To provide for the exchange of data, information, and policy initiatives among those agencies and organizations who have Activities or studies in the Weiss Lake watershed;
  2. To coordinate future studies within the Weiss Lake watershed;
  3. To review and comment on the findings of studies in the Lake Weiss watershed and to develop a consensus on solutions;
  4. To facilitate coordination among the regulatory agencies and to recommend actions to correct problems and offer solutions;
  5. To maximize the financial investments of various agencies and organizations with responsibility within the Lake Watershed and to conserve government funds through reducing duplication of efforts by the agencies and organizations involved;
  6. In addition to the EPS Clean Lakes funding under Section 314 of the Clean Water Act, to identify other sources of funding and research support; and,
  7. To act as a forum for public input and to provide information to the public on all aspects of Task Force activities.
Staff support for the Lake Weiss Clean Lakes Task Force is provided by the Environmental Policy and Information Center at Jacksonville State University. For more information about the WLCTF please contact EPIC by e-mail at or by calling (256) 782-5681.

Environmental Policy Information Center
Jacksonville State University
700 Pelham Road North, Suite 246 Martin,
Jacksonville, AL 36265-1602
Telephone #: (256) 782-5681...Fax #: (256) 782-5817
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