fog on Dugger Mountain
Dugger Mountain on a  foggy day.
Dugger Wilderness Area
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Dugger Mountain Wilderness
The 9,220-acre Dugger Mountain Wilderness Area is part of the Talladega National Forest in Calhoun County, Alabama. It is one of the last intact roadless areas in Alabama's National Forests, due in large part to the fact most of the mountain's 16,000 acres have been too steep for timber harvesting. This rugged country is home to hundreds of species of plants and animals, some which are new to science itself. Additionally, important historical sites have been located on the mountain and structures left behind by pioneers and Native Americans.

“Dugger Mountain and its surrounding area has, for over one thousand years, been like an island in the sea of history. Important historical events have occurred all around it perimeter, within view of the mountain itself, but the area has remained relatively untouched.”
-- USDA Forest Service Southern Region, Dugger Mountain Data Summary 1974

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