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Getting It Started
   The Chief Ladiga Trail began in 1990 when the Calhoun County Commission and the City of Piedmont received an Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) enhancement grant, through the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALaDOT), to fund construction of the first 8.9 mile section of the trail. In 1994, the cities of Piedmont and Jacksonville and the Cleburne County Commission were awarded ISTEA grants. In 1997, the cities of Jacksonville, Weaver and Anniston were awarded grants from the National Recreational Trails Fund (NRTF) to construct either trail connections or access facilities. Also in 1997, the city of Weaver received an ISTEA grant to construct its 2.5 mile section of the trail. 
   In Calhoun County, the trail is designed to accommodate pedestrians, bicycles, strollers, inline skates, and wheel chairs. In Cleburne County, the trail will be designed to accommodate equestrians, mountain bikes and hikers.

Bright Future
   The Chief Ladiga Trail has been under development for over fifteen years. Segment by segment, it seems to get bigger every year. Starting in Piedmont and moving to Jacksonville, Weaver and Anniston there is now more pavement for recreation, transportation and health than ever before. In 1998, both Weaver and Jacksonville opened their respective sections of the trail. The section south of Jacksonville has been completed and recently, the section going through the Jacksonville State University (JSU) campus has been completed.
   In fact, the summer of 2007 should be the season when the Chief Ladiga meets the Silver Comet! As of April 1st (no fooling), all funds were in place to begin construction of the remaining two unpaved Alabama sections. The eight mile gap has been enhanced with four beautifully renovated bridges that cross over the winding Terrapin Creek. Pending weather conditions, by the end of Spring or possibly Summer, the entire trail should be paved with asphalt, eight feet wide, to a newly constructed Stateline Gateway where riders and other trail users can stand with one foot in Alabama and the other in Georgia.
  At the other end and to the south, there are two additional Chief Ladiga expansions being discussed and planned. One will extend the CLT into the former Fort McClellan and the other will continue the trail to the Amtrak Station in Anniston, AL. All of these efforts require the support of trail users and so please consider contacting us to see how you can best assist these expansions.


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