View from the end of the 
Doug Ghee Accessible Trail. 
Cheaha State Park 
Accessible Trail
A Project Assisted by Jacksonville State University's
Environmental Policy & Information Center






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The Project
The development of completely accessible trails should be important to everybody.  JSU's EPIC has promoted and assisted with the creation of the Doug Ghee Accessible Trail since its inception.  More recently, EPIC led efforts to interpret the trail through the development of educational labels.  Although we would prefer that people read them while visiting Cheaha Mountain and State Park, you can read them now by clicking the blue labels box to the right.

Grand Opening Ceremony
In honor of National Trails Day, the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Doug Ghee Accessible Trail was held on Saturday, June 3rd, 2000 at Cheaha State Park. Featured were presentations from US Senator Max Cleland, accessibility leader Barbara Crozier, State Park Director Mr. Don Cooley, EPIC Director Pete Conroy and many others. This was indeed an important day for the trail!

 A family enjoys a May afternoon 
on the Doug Ghee Trail

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