Way Stations    [unnumbered preface page]

Published, March, 1913

Way Stations    [unnumbered preface page]


by Elizabeth Robins

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Of this collection of speeches, lectures, and articles, dealing with the Woman's Movement, those which have not before appeared anywhere, in pront are the speech at The Prisoners' Banquet; The Suffrage Camp Revisited; At Newcastle Town Hall; Speech to the Woman Writers; At Crowborough, Sussex; Speech at the Albert Hall, June 15, 1912, and all the sections headed Time Table.

      Never having been one of the more active participants in the events dealt with by this book, my infrequent appearances in print, or on platforms, have each and all been the direct result of some special call or crisis. When the various articles were collected they seemed meaningless enough lacking any statement of the particular circumstances which elicited them. I have, therefore, linked these papers together by a brief narrative which gives, so far as I am aware, the only succinct account in existence of the main course of the new Woman's Movement in England.

E. R.

Chinsegut, Brooksville, Florida

Way Stations    [unnumbered preface page]


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