My Little Sister

by Elizabeth Robins (1913)


Permission to publish this work by Elizabeth Robins in an electronic edition is granted by Mabel Smith, literary executor, Elizabeth Robins Estate. Hypertext Markup copyright Joanne E. Gates. Copy text is based on Dodd, Mead and Company's New York edition (1913). Pagination and punctuation retained. See full disclosures and contact information in: Notes and Commentary.

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  1. Chapter I. First Impressions

  2. Chapter II. Lessons

  3. Chapter III. A Thunder-Storm

  4. Chapter IV. Nimbus

  5. Chapter V. The Mother's Vow

  6. Chapter VI. Martha's Going--Yet Remaining

  7. Chapter VII. A Shock

  8. Chapter VIII. Annan

  9. Chapter IX. Eric

  10. Chapter X. The Bungalow

  11. Chapter XI. Awakening

  12. Chapter XII. Our First Ball

  13. Chapter XIII. The Cloud Again

  14. Chapter XIV. Where is Bettina?

  15. Chapter XV. My Secret

  16. Chapter XVI. The Yachting Party

  17. Chapter XVII. The Emerald Pendant

  18. Chapter XVIII. Ranny

  19. Chapter XIX. Another Girl

  20. Chapter XX. Two Invitations and a Crisis

  21. Chapter XXI. Aunt Josephine's Letter

  22. Chapter XXII. Planting Thyme

  23. Chapter XXIII. Eric's Secret

  24. Chapter XXIV. Madame Aurore

  25. Chapter XXV. Going to London

  26. Chapter XXVI. Aunt Josephine

  27. Chapter XXVII. At Dinner

  28. Chapter XXVIII. The Grey Hawk

  29. Chapter XXIX. Where?

  30. Chapter XXX. The Blunt Lead-Pencil

  31. Chapter XXXI. The Man with the Sword

  32. Chapter XXXII. Darkness

  33. Chapter XXXIII. A Strange Step

  34. Chapter XXXIV. The End Which Was the Beginning

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