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Search Strategies for Effective Use of Internet JSU Library page.

I suggest that you take a good amont of time to become familiar with all the resources available from the JSU Library's home page.  Don't neglect the card catalog.  EBSCO Host is a main general database of sources of a general nature.  When using this or any other search starting point, I suggest you start with a narrow search, which here includes selecting the option to search for full text.  Remember that this resource is primarilty a database of previously published in print sources.  You MUST document the printed source and also indicate that you accessed it through EBSCO Host.  As per the earlier directions on MLA style "plus" format, you must also narrate in the first draft I see typed, the complete narrative of how you accessed the site and conducted the search. Rememeber, if you dial up from home, you will need the password protocols.

Also, the library has a link to "Bare Bones 101" or
This is a tutorial you can take for learning better search strategy.  University of South Carolina developed it, and I recommended to the library that it be included in the useful list of links.

Keep in mind that information on the author of your poem and traditional literary criticism resources on the work are not useful for this assignment. Dictionary and Encyclopedia entries are also discouraged.

Other starting points:
JSU's "Internet Sites" page is available at this address:

The second sub heading gives you search engines. A good way to measure your search strategy and effectiveness of these sites is to conduct your search at at least two different engines.

Notice that, the librarians site, as well as is organized by sub category.  This is convenient if you want to search for a heart condition as a disease and eliminate any references to heart as a component of romance and heart break.  Find the yahoo category in medicine and limit your search to that category.  Conversely, you may, if you are getting search results that clutter information, try  This site attempts to organize the results in sub folders, so that you can recognize which whole categories of hits to eliminate and which to focus upon.

Search resources not available at JSU's websites list: HotBot
At HOTBOT, you can more easily refine your search.  I recommend you set the Look for box to EXACT PHRASE, and the return results to 100 hits.
Be cautioned that the first thing you see when results are returned, are options to search or shop elsewhere.  These are listed because HOTBOT has partnerships with other online providers.  If Hotbot finds something for you, ignore these invitations to search elsewhere until you see what their results give you.  If you get an extraordinarily high list of hits, the search is not that useful.  For instance, exact search on "glass ceiling" give over 190,000 hits.  Select Advanced Search and limit your search so that the returns contain not only "glass ceiling" but you also select must or may contain or must not contain a specific phrase.
Glass ceiling which also must contain the phrase "Certified Public Accountant" and must contain the phrase "sex discrimination" has a very targeted list of hits (perhaps too narrow).

Google at is fast becoming a search engine of choice and it allows for an even more logical way to perform advanced or combined searches. It now owns Deja News., at is another good search engine because it offers to do web metasearches OR usenet searches.  You can also conduct Usenet searches directly at
(this now takes you to groups at google; they have bought out dejanews).

JSU's Internet Sites lists also gives somes News sites, but is not exhaustive.  One helpful feature of  CNN's web site,, for instance, is when I know of a program that aired on that news channel, I can often find a web version of the presentation.  For instance, Elizabeth is working on Tree deforestation in the Atlanta area.  I searched because I had seen their Atlanta growth story, and I found this article: (Notice it is in several segments which are best accessed sequentially.)

Other useful sites:
NCAA on line:
Sothern Poverty Law Center:
Look on this page for teaching tolerance if that is your interest, rather than legal action.  Because this is set up as a frames site, make sure you keep track of the stages you clicked on to get to the information.

Cautions!  Know how you are going to cite a site before you rely on it for research.  If there are no dates on a web page, look under View Page Info in Netscape Browser.

An updated link to the MLA's Documenting Sources Page and other MLA help is available through the links provided at:
Remember that unlike MLA citation requirements, this assignment requires a page citation for your page of printout in both the parenthetical and the end of paper bibliography entry.

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