Joanne E. Gates

Inspired by the Poor Yorick Hamlet Haiku Contest and the film Hamlet 2000
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This poem was submitted June 30, 2001 to the Poor Yorick Haiku Contest, www.bardcentral.com. The contest was occasioned by Video/DVD release of Hamlet 2000. As the contest rules stipulated that up to 10 haiku stanzas could be submitted, the version posted there was cut off mid-sentence, at the end of stanza 10. The complete version, slightly edited for punctuation and syllable count, is printed below.

Hamlet Haiku

by Joanne E. Gates

Branagh boils, Gibson
Smiles and sweats. Williamson sneers,
But Ethan just broods

Not to Be: Is THIS
the destined end? Venora
Makes her Gertrude drunk,

Elects to take her
Poison Fast. What gall! Pistols
end it. Rest? Silence?

Get this over with--
No time for Soliloquies,
Just Water, Falling.

Ophelia knows--
The water comes to her. King
of Corporate Denmark

Whose brother almost
Slips out of frame too smoothly
Then is there again

Mourning the sleeping
Marcella (!?) This king's of shreds,
Propped up by Murray

In a movie so clipped
That his stepson, too techhie,
Edits his memory.

Son's Mouse Trap's on tape,
His Leperous Distillment, a
Cartoon Creation.

If this Hamlet works--
Hamlet, Two Thousand, that is--
When leather was "in"

It might be because
We smell the device that makes
Shakespeare almost fresh,

Or we like gimmicks
And timely devices. Poor
"O" wears a wire; her

Dad, listening in, gets
An earful. Message machines,
Pay phones in hallways

Give this Hamlet voice.
If you think it's the first time
Shakespeare's been altered,

Think twice. When Burbage
Was strutting, the bard had his
Groupies. Read the "bad"

Quarto. It's pure par-
Ody. Stoppard knew, too, that
The Text's still the Thing.

He kills R and G
And cribs "No Bed for Bacon."
How could we stand it?

--That's the real question.
--We know the original!
Old Will's Hamlet lasts,

Through Tempests of change.
Roll milleniums over:
Th' Thinking R'venger

Is yet to expire,
Despite the post mortems, 'spite
Critics and Cameras.

Oedipus, Freud, Ernst
Jones, all passée. Hamlet breathes,
when -- dead -- differently.

by Joanne E. Gates

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