Joanne E. Gates
Curriculum vitae: Educational Credentials
Current to January 2003. This outline conforms to documentation as sumbitted for Promotion to full professor, October 1, 1998, and is updated accordingly. (Outline points correspond to promotion and tenure documentation of JSU's Faculty Handbook at TAB A. Letter points P, Q, R, in this outline are transferred to a separate file, Professional Activity, corresponding to JSU Promotion and Tenure Review, TAB E)
  1. Name of the faculty member:
    Joanne E. Gates
  2. Academic Rank and previous ranks:
    Currently -- Professor, English (effective October 1, 1999)
    1993-1999 -- Associate Professor, English
    1987-1993 -- Assistant Professor, English
  3. Dates of appointment to the University and to current academic rank:
        Professor rank: October 1999 to present.
       Associate Professor rank:    October 1993 to 1999
       Awarded tenure and promotion    Spring 1993
       Appointed as Assistant Professor:    August 1987
  4. Dates of service at other universities including ranks:
    1. Visiting Instructor, Theatre Department, Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa: Spring Semester 1987.
    2. Adjunct Instructor, Holyoke Community College, Holyoke, Massachusetts: Fall Semester 1986.
    3. Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Department of English, 1980-1984 and Fall 1986.
    4. Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Department of Theater, 1978-1980.
  5. Baccalaureate degree earned:    BA
       Date conferred:    May 1972
       Institution granting degree:    Vassar College
  6. Master's degree earned:    MFA, Theater
       Date conferred:    May 1981
       Institution granting degree:    University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  7. Doctoral degree earned:    PhD, English
       Date conferred:    May 1987
       Institution granting degree:     University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  8. Areas of specialization at master's level (Theater Department, Dramaturgy program):
    1. Journeyman's Exam Area 1: English Renaissance Drama
    2. Journeyman's Exam Area 2: The Reception of Ibsen's Plays in England During the 1890s
    3. MFA Thesis: "Hedda Gabler, 1980: A Narrative of the Production" (with edited text of a new translation).
  9. Areas of specialization at doctoral level:
    1. Three-area specialization: Virginia Woolf
    2. Three-area specialization: Feminist Biographies and Their Sources
    3. Three-area specialization: Metatheatre in English Renaissance Drama
    4. Dissertation: "'Sometimes Suppressed and Sometimes Embroidered': The Life and Writing of Elizabeth Robins, 1862-1952"--A Critical Biography of Ibsen actress, novelist, and suffragist Elizabeth Robins.
  10. Professional designations and licenses (excluding degrees listed above)
    1. Writing Project Fellow: National Writing Project Summer Institute at Jacksonville State University, 1997.
    2. Critic Fellow, with the Eugene O'Neill Critics Institute.
  11. Other credit earning courses completed at the college and university level:
    1. Three graduate credits in theatre education earned at SUNY Utica-Rome, Fall 1973.
    2. Six graduate credits earned in the Theatre Department at Catholic University of America, 1972-1973.
  12. Other non-credit courses and workshops attended for professional development:
    1. Attended Workshops for Instructors, August 2000 and May 2001.
    2. Attended the May term 1998 course for instructors: Incorporating Web Design Into Classroom Instruction. Applied at the invitation of English Department Head, this class will be co-taught by the members of the Computer Science Department.
    3. Received 0.40 CEUs, participation in the Alabama Writing Project's one-day research conference, "Charting New Waters: Learning About Teacher Research and How It Enriches Our Teaching" (July 27, 1998). With Marian Mohr, Fairfax County Public Schools.
    4. Completed the three-week May Term course for faculty, Web Design for Course Pages. Offered by JSU Computer Science Faculty. May 1998.
    5. Received 12.0 CEUs, completion of five-week (120 hours) JSU Writing Project Summer Institute (June-July 1997).
    6. Attended on April 24, 1996 a one-session staff workshop on Internet access and protocol, Dean Hendrix and Doug Taylor instructors.
    7. Participated in Opal Lovett's Calhoun County Library workshops on Writing Autobiography, Mondays in February 1996.
    8. Attended in fall semester 1995 a one-session Staff Workshop Computer Internet skills, James Poe, instructor.
    9. Guest in JSU class, CS 503, Computers and Instruction. Learned Internet Netscape, Hypercard, E-Mail, etc. Presented to class my Internet to Hypercard project. Fred Kelly, Instructor, Summer II, 1995.
    10. Participated in the two-day Writing Across the Curriculum Faculty Workshop, conducted by Dr. Joan Clemmons. May 2-3, 1995.
    11. Attended the Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald in Alabama conference (University of Alabama's Literature Symposium at Tuscaloosa), October 1994.
    12. JSU Continuing Education Course, Microsoft Windows. May 1993.
    13. JSU Continuing Education Course, Advanced Lotus 1-2-3. May 1993.
    14. Proofreading Mastery, Workshop presented by Margaret Vann of Clear Business Communications, Inc., at Jacksonville State University; sponsored by JSU Personnel Services, September 23, 1992.
    15. Multicultural Approaches in Teaching Literature and Writing, sponsored by Jacksonville State University Writing Project and Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, Inc., September 22, 1992.
    16. Advanced WordPerfect 5.1. Staff Workshop with Kay Gray, May 1992.
    17. dBase IV, Continuing Education (.6 credits for 6 contact hours) at Jacksonville State University, May 1992.
    18. Writing Across the Curriculum Workshop conducted by Art Young of Clemson University for faculty at Jacksonville State University, May 1991.
    19. University of Alabama's symposium, "Reproduction of Renaissance Culture," and Pre-Conference Workshop, "Teaching Shakespeare in the Nineties," October 1990, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
    20. Rediscovering Shakespeare's Theatres, at University of Georgia (Athens), February 1990.
    21. Literacy On-Line, at University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, October 1989.
    22. Computers and Writing Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 1989.
    23. Neural Nets, at Jacksonville State University, May 1989.
    24. National Endowment for Humanities Summer Seminar, "Romance in Dramatic Form: Sidney, Shakespeare and the English Renaissance." (Princeton University, June to August 1988), with Thomas P. Roche.
      Not enumerated: Conferences I attended which offered continuing education credit which are listed under "presentations"; attendance at JSU English Department's Writing Instruction Technology Conferences; personal enrichment Continuing Ed courses such as "Writing a Novel that Sells."
  13. Professional work experience:
    1. Tech Liaison for JSU National Writing Project. From Spring 2002.
    2. Guest critic at Iowa State University Theatre Department, Spring 1987, for production of Arthur Kopit's Wings.
    3. Critics Workshop Leader, American College Theatre Festival's Eugene O'Neill Critics Award, New England Region (1984-1986); adjudicator and workshop adviser, 1981-1983.
    4. Theatre Critic, paid reviewer for professional, community, and college theatre productions:
      1. Daily Hampshire Gazette, Summer and Fall 1982.
      2. The Amherst Bulletin, Summer 1982.
        [Reviews published in these papers are not enumerated with publications in my list of Professional Activities.]
    5. Dramaturg for In-the-Works, a summer season of staged readings of new plays produced by U Mass Theater Department:
      1. Summer 1981: Out of Order by Janet Neipris-Willie.
      2. Summer 1979: Distilling Spirits by Dean Michael Dolan.
    6. Drama department chairman, 1975-1978, and drama instructor, 1973-1978 (summers), Belvoir Terrace Fine Arts Center, Lenox, Massachusetts. Eight-week sessions for young women. Also supervised technical aspects of all theatre productions and taught creative writing.
  14. Teaching assignments:
    1. Graduate courses taught at Jacksonville State University (in numerical course order):
      1. EH 413G, English Drama
      2. EH 420G, Women's Literature
      3. EH 450G, Writing Professionally in the Humanities: A Hypertext and Internet Practicum.
      4. EH 562, Graduate Studies in Shakespeare
    2. Undergraduate course taught at Jacksonville State University (in numerical course order):
      1. EH 100, Basic English Skills (now designated EH 098)
      2. EH 102, Freshman Composition.
      3. EH 201, Survey of American Literature: Colonial times to 1865
      4. EH 202, Survey of American Literature 1865 to present
      5. EH 203, Survey of English Literature to 1800
      6. EH 204, Survey of English Literature, Romantics to present
      7. EH 403, Shakespeare (early plays)
      8. EH 404, Shakespeare (late plays)
      9. EH 413, English Drama
      10. EH 420, Women's Literature
      11. EH 450M, Writing Professionally in the Humanities: A Hypertext and Internet Practicum.
    3. Courses taught at other institutions in reverse chronological order:
      1. Modern Drama (at Grinnell College)
      2. Contexts for Shakespeare (at Grinnell College)
      3. Society and Literature (at U Mass Amherst)
      4. Fundamentals of Writing (at Holyoke Community College)
      5. Reading Efficiency (at Holyoke Community College)
      6. Introduction to Theatre (at Mt. Holyoke College)
      7. Lives of Women as Literature (at U Mass Amherst)
      8. Freshman Composition (at U Mass Amherst)
      9. Freshman Rhetoric (at U Mass Amherst)
      10. Masterpieces of Women's Literature (Winter Term Course at Mt. Holyoke)
      11. Performance of Women's Literature (Winter Term Course at Mt. Holyoke)
      12. Beginning Techniques in Dramaturgy (at U Mass Amherst)
  15. Collegiate courses taught for non-credit continuing education purposes:
    1. Conducted a full-day course for JSU In Service, "Practical Lessons for Incorporating the Internet Into Language Arts Instruction" (July 14, 1998).
    2. Presentation and Workshop given (without remuneration) for The National Writing Project's Summer Institute at JSU. I presented on July 7, 1998 a working session on using PowerPoint, demonstrating from materials I prepare for EH 102 and from the presentation to my own Writing Project Institute from the summer 1997 session.
    3. Computer Lab Presentations (same workshop, repeated for two workshop sessions) for WIT, JSU English Department's Writing Instruction Technology Conference. April 11, 1997. Title of Lab Instructional units: "English and Composition Sites on the World-Wide Web."
    4. Conducted a full-day course for JSU In-Service Workshop, "Gender Equity in the Classroom: Are we Failing at Fairness?" June 21, 1994.
    5. Conducted two full-day courses for JSU In-Service Workshops: "Teaching Shakespeare on Film," July 15, 1992 (focus on Macbeth) and July 16, 1992 (focus on Hamlet).
  16. Awards received*
  17. Publications and presentations*
  18. Grants*
    [*For enumeration of P, Q, R, see a separate file, Professional Activity, corresponding to JSU Promotion and Tenure Review, TAB E]
  19. Service activities both institutional and professional:
    1. Institutional
      1. Service on university level committees
        1. Elected to serve May 2000 and appointed January 2001 as chair of the Board of the Friends of the Houston Cole Library, Jacksonville State University.
        2. Accepted appointment by Vice President Watts and served on the all-university committee to re-examine the JSU core. Chaired by Dean Martha Lavender. Recommended accepting the State General Education Guidelines.
        3. Served on the Search Committee for the hiring of the Executive Vice President of Data Systems Management; appointed, March 12, 1992; regular meetings through September 1992 (Dr. George Miller, chair).
        4. Faculty Advisory Committee to the Library, Jacksonville State University, 1988 to present; appointment by the President.
        5. Member of the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee, established by the VPAA after a request by the faculty participating in the WAC workshop (June 1991).
        6. Faculty Development Committee, 1991 to present; appointment by the Faculty Senate.
      2. Service on college and department level committees
        1. Served during Summer I Term, 2001, on departmental Search Committee for two positons as Instructor. Bill Hug, chair. This search continued duties from the regular term's search committee; interviewed candidates as per schedule of candidates' campus visits.
        2. Served on Search Committee for English Department Head. Appointment by Dean Wade. Committee chaired by Martha McCormick. September 1996 to December 1997.
        3. Screening Committee Chair, English Department, 1995-1996. Appointment by English Department head, Dr. Clyde Cox. Conducted interviews of candidates and their references for two assistant professor positions, Medieval literature and the English Romantics. Coordinated on-campus visits of four finalists.
        4. Revision of Departmental syllabi. My subcommittee on the Literature surveys curriculum (1996-1997) was chaired by Steve Whitton. With partner John Jones, I prepared in electronic format model syllabi for new numbered courses EH 203 and 204, corresponding to EH 301 and 302, English Literature I and II. Also assisted with editing other survey master syllabi, to conform to State Department of Education criteria.
        5. Member of standing departmental committees (assignment by department head):
          1. Serving on the Departmental committee on Computers, Teresa Reed chair.
          2. Currently I am appointed to Literature Survey and Minority Literature.
          3. In past years I have served on those listed above as well as the Curriculum Committee and Honors Committee. Honors Committee, 1987 to 1991
      3. Service to Jacksonville State University to improve student life
        1. Edited student work on web: With Kyle Shelton's signed permission, I added to the web site his modernized language version of the opening paragraph to Sidney's source for the Gloucester plot in King Lear. His paper on the source, completed for Fall 2000 EH 203, is not made publicly available, but his modernization receives credit at:
        2. Participate in the monthly meetings of the Teaching Inquiry Community at JSU, Deborah Prickett director. Separate presentations and publications related to pedagogy--the above item excepted--are listed in my Professional Activities.
        3. Served as a judge for the Poetry contest of the Writer's Bowl, Fall 1999, Fall 2000.
        4. Served as a judge for the Holocaust Memorial Writing Contest, poetry submissions, Spring 2000, Spring 2001; fiction submissions, Spring 2002.
        5. Guest lecturer for JSU 1997 May Term course, "Biography as History," Dr. Judith Gamble intstructor. Spoke on the craft of writing biography and Elizabeth Robins research.
        6. Guest presenter for JSU EH 408/408G, "Teaching Composition," Lisa Williams, instructor (November 1996). Introduced students to the World Wide Web and resources for writing instructors.
        7. Organized and chaperoned 8 separate showings of BBC Shakespeare, co-sponsored by Sigma Tau Delta, Fall 1995 and Spring 1996. (The English department had recently acquired the complete BBC film series, with full performance rights.)
        8. Took part in planning and presenting program for Writing Across the Curriculum. May 1993.
        9. Offered courses for In-Service Workshops, Teaching Shakespeare on Film, Macbeth. and Teaching Shakespeare on Film, Romeo and Juliet. (Workshops scheduled for July and August 1993 were cancelled due to low enrollment).
        10. Offered course "American Women Poets" through JSU Continuing Education Program. (Four-week class scheduled for October-November 1993 was cancelled due to low enrollment.)
        11. Writing Across the Curriculum Panel presentation as part of May 1993 Faculty Forum. Handouts in the form of sample exercises.
        12. Assisted the interim business manager of The Chanticleer in designing a questionnaire and, using SPSS, conducting a statistical analysis of the reading and purchasing habits of the JSU community, May 1992.
        13. Supervised the tutorial credits of student lab assistant for my Spring 1992 English 102 Computer assisted composition course.
        14. Judged fiction for Sigma Tau Delta Student Writing Contest, April 1992.
        15. Presented to JSU's Faculty Forum for Effective Teaching, October 1991, my strategies to incorporate Writing Across the Curriculum exercises in the classroom, as part of a panel from the WAC Committee.
        16. Organized visit to campus of Arthur Kinney, Thomas Copland Professor of English at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, who spoke to over 100 in the Lab Theatre on "Reviewing Macbeth," March 13, 1991.
        17. At the invitation of the department head, proposed the new 400-level / Graduate course, Women's Literature. Composed the rationale for its place in our department for approval by the Department's and University's curriculum committees. Taught the course for the first time to a filled class section, in Spring 1990.
        18. Organized trips to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery (Spring 1990, Spring 1989, Spring 1988).
      4. Participation in professional organizations
        1. Member of national organization, Modern Language Association; proposed two special sessions, presented two papers and chaired a special session, proposed a number of papers to special sessions, attended annual conventions.
        2. Member of regional organization, South Atlantic Modern Language Association; submitted paper proposals for convention sessions, presented papers, attended annual conventions.
        3. Member, Alabama College English Teachers Association. Attended yearly conferences, presented on panel. Submitted to Woodall Prize.
        4. Past Member of national branch of international organization, American Society for Theatre Research; attended, as the recipient of an ASTR graduate student fellowship, the International Federation of Theatre Research's 1985 Congress, Glasgow, Scotland, September 1985.
        5. Member, American Association of University Women (national).
        6. Past Member of regional organization, Popular / American Cultural Association of the South; three papers accepted and delivered.
        7. Past member, Southern Humanities Conference; three papers delivered at annual conferences.
        8. Past member, National Women's Studies Association; paper delivered at national convention.
        9. Past member, Dramatists Guild (national).
        10. Past member of national organization, American Theatre Association (now reorganized as ATHE); two papers delivered at annual conventions.
      5. Activities as professional advisor, consultant, workshop leader, editor
        1. Composed Web Pages for On The Brink, which reside on English Department web site.
        2. Composed Web Pages for Southern Playwrights Festival, at English Department web site.
        3. The JSU English Department's Alumni Newsletter, Postscripts is made available on-line, beginning with issue of June 2001.
        4. In addition to separately listed web publications, I have web-authored numerous documents related to teaching these specific courses:
          EH 450
          EH 420
          EH 403
          EH 204
          EH 203
          EH 201
          EH 102
        5. I maintain and update the Department of English's web site. See under Professional activity, publications. In addition to authoring and editing hypertext documents, I respond to, or refer to appropriate channels, the e-mail correspondence that comes to me as the listed page editor.
        6. Gave an Introduction to the Chadwyck Healey Data bases. Attended by Faculty in English, and three Library personnel (December 1996).
        7. Prepared at the request of Dean Wade a rationale for upgrade of computer facilities in Stone Center, July 1996. Solicited suggestions from faculty. Participated in meeting with VP of Data Services which accepted the request.
        8. Presented a workshop on Electronic Conferencing to the 1991 JSU National Writing Project, June 28, 1991.
        9. Discussion Leader for the session on Feminist Criticism / Women's Literature at the JSU English Department's pre-semester curriculum workshop, August 1990.
        10. Workshop presentation: "The Classroom as Network: Strategies for Effective Computer-Assisted Writing Instruction" (April 7, 1989) W.I.T. Conference, (Writing Instruction Technology, Jacksonville State University).
      6. Service to the Community
        1. Participated as one of several readers for the December 17, 1996 Poetry of World War II era series, at the invitation of K. Dozier. Selected material from "White Cliffs of Dover" by Alice Düer Miller and "The Murder of Lidice" by Edna St. Vincent Millay. I was interviewed by Anniston Star Community Writer Hervey Folsom for a Star Community Page article promoting the event (December 13, 1996, page 9B).
        2. October 1996 Discussion Series Leader at Calhoun County Public Library's "Reading, Thinking, Sharing: Four American Poets." The series was organized, at my suggestion and in consultation with Bonnie Seymour, around the "Voices and Visions" series of American women poets. The Public Library purchased VHS copies of the four tapes for their permanent collection. I supplemented the film showings with critiques of the film's emphasis and comments on the wider critical assessment of the poets.
          October 7, 1996: Emily Dickinson
          October 14, 1996: Marianne Moore
          October 21, 1996: Elizabeth Bishop
          October 28, 1996: Sylvia Plath
        3. Guest Lecturer at two Women's Studies classes, Mankato State University, Mankato MN (May 1996), speaking on Elizabeth Robins.
        4. Led discussion on Beryl Markham and her autobiography, West With the Night at Donoho School, January 30, 1996, for instructor Anne Boozer's reading series.
        5. Conducted the February 1995 Reading and Discussion series, "Social Issues in Drama," Calhoun County Public Library. Meetings over four Mondays in February where I presented material and led discussions on:
          February 7, 1995: Ibsen's Enemy of the People
          February 14, 1995: Shaw's Mrs. Warren's Profession
          February 21, 1995: Robins's Votes for Women
          February 28, 1995: Angelina Weld Grimke's Rachel
        6. Presentation to Europa Club, Oxford Alabama, on Elizabeth Robins, October 1989.

      7. Professional service activities.
        1. Wrote a reader's report for a volume submitted to University of Florida Press for consideration. An edition of Elizabeth Banks's The Remaking of An American.
        2. Submitted an evaluation of The Bedford Introduction to Literature, 5th edition (by Michael Meyer) for consideration in revision for a later edition. This consisted of a 25-page check list of each item in the anthology that had to be rated on a scale of 1-5, with comment sections inviting replacement suggestions or rationale for rating.
        3. I served as respondent to Professor Carol McKay (University of Texas, Austin), at her and her publisher's request, to selected chapters on Elizabeth Robins in her forthcoming book.

        4. Chapters Review of the Research Paper section for The Dolphin Handbook. I typed out detailed responses to specific questions sent by project coordinator Terri Teleen at Houghton Mifflin (December 1996). Stipend received from publisher.
        5. For Cambridge University Press, submitted a reader's report with encourage to publish, the manuscript of Joan Templeton's Ibsen's Women. Also commented on Templeton's revised draft (1995). Stipend received from publisher.
        6. Evaluated selected chapters of the next edition of the Scott, Foresman Handbook for Harper Collins (1994-1995). Stipend received from publishers.
        7. Completed a reader's report for the article submitted to Papers on Language and Literature and offered to share with the unidentified author [later identified as Sue Thomas] the proofs of the new edition of Votes for Women which I edited. Title of article: "Sexual Matter and Votes for Women" (1995-1996). No remuneration received.

      N. B.  Spelling of "Theater" is used for U Mass Department of Theater and related occurences. I otherwise accept "Theatre" as prevailing spelling.
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