Quickie Book Report for

EH 450/G  Dr. Gates
Pam Hodges

Researching Online
Publishing info, including ISBN if available.

Researching Online is a book that explains how to get on line, use the web, and e-mail, as well as create your own web page. It gives a complete explanation of how the internet works. This book explains in detail how to send e-mail messages. When  a person replies to an e-mail message, an angle bracket may be added before the line of each text so that the original message is sent along with the reply. By connecting to news groups you can find information on a specific topic, read what others have written, and post your own message about the topic.
Creating your own web page is a task that is explained in simple terms in this book. You must decide what information should be included and how to organize it. You can use images, text, sound and animation to create what your visitors will be looking at. Your web page file must be coded in HTML. For each element, enclose the command in brackets at the beginning of the text and at the end of the text enclose the command inside brackets with a  slash. To link your web page to the rest of the internet, it has to be structured as a formal HTML. The name will be changed to index.html. Work should be saved as text so that it can be opened and reviewed. The site listed on the fornt cover will jump to the Longman textbook company's English Resources. However, more information about HTML commands can be found at http://www.utoronto.ca/webdocs/HTMLdocs/NewHTML/intro.html
                                                                         Pam Hodges