Quickie Book Report for

EH 450/G  Dr. Gates
Leon Lindsey

Web Works
Martin Irvine Copyright  1997 W.W.Norton  ISBN0-393-97109-0

    Web Works was developed to help give us a better understanding of the Web as it works.  The site for the book can be found at www.wwnorton.com/webworks/.  The book gives us the history of the first internet in 1969 and its launch of the World Wide Web on 1991.  The Internet of yesterday is not the Internet of today.  Web tells us the important fact of who pays for the Internet:  universities, organizations and us the individual.
    Web Works especially helps a person understand hypertext; this subject is very important to me for English 450.  I think the book is very well written and has well researched advice to a peson who knows nothing, like myself, and those who are trying to learn much more.  The World Wide Web is big and confusing, but this book can help anyone find what is needed for the Web.

Leon Lindsey
May 30, 2000