Quickie Book Report for EH 450/G  Dr. Gates

Jimmy R. Whited

Writing on the Internet:  Finding a Voice Online.

Fort Worth:  Harcourt Brace College Publishers, 1999.  ISBN:  0-15-505503-8

Writing on the Internet:  Finding Your Voice Online is an asset to any library.  It is designed to be useful to the novice as well as the professional Internet user.  The book is set up to be used as a teaching manual for the Internet classroom.  Each informative section is followed with ideas for practical use entitled "Finding Your Voice."  Halio goes the extra mile and tries to anticipate the problems that might be encountered and offers cures for each.

As a reference Writing on the Internet  offers a guide to e-mail, listservs, and news groups.  For those who are looking for information sources and opportunities for publishing, Halio takes the book a step further. It is equipped as a guide for Internet research and publishing web sites, home pages, and portfolios.  Halio has also chosen to include appendixes for MLA formatting for documentation, using on-line chats, pine e-mail, and HTML commands. Writing on the Internet offers a table of contents and index for easy use.

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Last Revised on May 17, 2000.
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