Quickie Book Report for: EH 450/G  Dr. Gates

 Janet Davis Penland

1997 Guide to Literary Agents
Prues, Donald M. Guide to Literary Agents.  Ohio: Writer's Digest Books, 1997.
    A helpful and organized book, this guide gives prospective author a great deal of information about agents and what a career in writing entails. The editor, Donald Prues, has gathered the best advice from many different agents and compiled it in this beneficial volume. Just inside the front and back covers is a checklist from the Association of Author's Representatives. This is a list of twenty-two questions an author needs to ask when interviewing potential agents. It is extremely in-depth and meticulous, and is sure to assist the new author in getting the right kind of representation for his particular needs.
    In this well arranged and systematic book, the prospective author can find an agent for anything from non-fiction to a Hollywood script. There are explanations of why some agents charge reading fees and others do not, which is most beneficial to the author. He also includes important information about contracts and about what the manuscript much include before an agent will look at it. This book is easily understandable for the novice author and extremely illuminating.

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Janet Davis Penland May 18, 2000