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Accounts Payable

Contact Information:
Dana Bonds
303 Bibb Graves
Phone (256) 782-5460
Delissa Cobb
303 Bibb Graves
Phone (256) 782-5267

Computerized accounts payable checks are normally processed on Monday and Thursday nights and disbursed the following day. Occasionally, due to holidays and other circumstances, the dates may vary. To process these requests, refer to IV:03 (Purchasing) and IV:06 (Travel) in the University Policies and Procedures Manual

Manual Checks will be issued only in cases of emergencies. The budget manager must prepare a purchase requisition, attach proper justification and documentation, and forward to the Controller's Office. If approved, a check will be processed and available for pick up in the Controller's Office. An emergency is a situation requiring a manual check to prevent a health or safety hazard for students or employees.

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