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Three reasons to get excited about the new iPhone


I, like many of you, am very excited about Apple's announcement of the new iPhone. Here are three reasons why.

New Appearance: The iPhone 5 will feature a 4-inch screen instead of a traditional 3-5 inch, but that's only the first thing you will notice about it. Apple also removed the back glass that appears on the iPhone 4, so those who can't afford a Lifeproof case are in luck. The new iPhone will also be the thinnest and lightest iPhone to date. Apple's headphones, now called EarPods, are also getting a much-needed overhaul to have a sleeker cone design that is less likely to fall out of your ears.

New Software and Hardware: As with every other new phone release, Apple has set iOS 6 to come out shortly after the iPhone 5. Some of the features that are said to be included in the update are turn-by-turn directions, a better mapping app, and even the famous voice-command app Siri gets an update. You don't have to buy the iPhone 5 to get iOS 6. It will be available to those with an iPhone 4 as well. However, you'll have to buy the iPhone 5 to appreciate the new A6 processor, which will help to improve speed and graphics. You'll also have 4G LTE capabilities with the new phone.

Better Battery Life: That's right, iPhone lovers of the world, the iPhone 5 will have a longer battery life than any of the iPhones that have come before it. This feature by itself might be the selling point. The people at Apple have taken what might be considered the worst battery life and vastly improved it, even though phones with 4G LTE capabilities normally drain the battery more than their 4G and 3G counterparts. It's rumored that the iPhone 5 will have a battery capable of eight hours of talk and browsing time.

All of these great improvements, combined with a new charger, awesome matte color and relocated headphone port, make the iPhone 5 a great step forward. Pre-orders might have already sold out, but I'll find a way to get one...somehow.

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