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Letter from the Editor


Hey, guys!

As you've probably noticed, a lot of emphasis has been placed on voting in this issue. With that being said, I'm going to keep my letter short and sweet this week. My main point is simple: it's important for you to get out and vote!

The 2008 Presidential election saw one of the highest turnouts of voters in the 18-29 age group over the past 40 years, but a Gallup poll taken this summer asked people in that same demographic if they were planning to vote in the 2012 Presidential election. 20 percent fewer young voters are planning to participate this year!

Why is it important for you as a college student to be informed and involved with government and politics in this country? After all, you may not see any immediate effects on your life regardless of whether Obama or Romney receives the most votes. But change, expecially in a democratic republic like the United States, happens gradually. The decisions made by our leaders today will touch your life and your children's lives for a countless number of years to come.

Besides that, in only a few short years, your peers will be the ones campaigning for office. Look around you. Isn't that a scary thought?

Now is the time to cast your vote and shape the future. Because we are the future. And the future is closer than you think.

Kara Coleman


The Chanticleer

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