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Jacksonville Opera Theater delights crowds of all ages


This past weekend, children of all ages flocked to the Jacksonville Opera Theatre's production of the children's opera The Fisher, the Fish and the Wife. Many were captivated by the beautiful but practical costume choices and great blend of vocal experience.

The story line is about an unhappy wife who eventually learns to be content with the things that truly matter. As the plot unfolded, the question was asked, "Who needs a talking fish?"

For years now, many have been putting forth efforts to grow JSU's own opera program, and this year, the JOT has been granted a very special wish. During their tour of this children's opera, the company will be going to Washington, D.C.

The JOT had toured to several places in the past, including Pell City, Gadsden and Tuscaloosa. When asked about this year's tour, Dr. Nathan Wight, director, stated, "This year, the alumni chapter in DC asked us if we would come up and do a performance." The group will be visiting several different schools in the area and are even making a special visit to the National Children's Hospital.

Kaitlyn Graves, senior, expressed why she is so excited to take this piece all the way to the nation's capital: "Not a lot of people know where Jacksonville, AL is, and this will be good recruiting for our school, not only for the opera department."

The opera's weekend performances ended with a Q&A session, where inquisitive children were given the chance to see how the opera works. In turn, the JOT company wants to let students on campus know more about the opera:

"This stuff is going away. It's not something that's treasured everywhere like it is here, but I know that we all love it." -Christina Booker, senior.

"I really hope that we can get the word out and get more people involved and to come see it because it's an awesome program and I'm honored to be a part of it."-Ellen Abney, senior.

"Don't just walk by and ignore it. It is not everything you think it is." -Kaylon Gilley, senior.

"It's not about fat people, it's not about the fat lady singing. That misconception is out there, and we think about that as the stereotype of opera. But if you watch this, you know that's not what's there. It's not about some 500 pound woman on stage with the Viking outfit and horns, braids, and breastplate singing. It's not about that." -Dr. Nathan Wight, Director

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