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Calhoun County Band Exhibition a success at Piedmont High School


The Calhoun County Band Exhibition, normally held at Jacksonville State University’s stadium, was held this past Tuesday, September 17th, at Piedmont High School.

County bands had the opportunity to perform their shows without  competition - style scoring in order to prepare for the upcoming competition season. Unfortunately, the Jacksonville State Marching Southerners were not able to perform due to complications with budget that are being resolved.

All the bands involved, both large and small, were extremely impressive and confident, especially considering how early it is in the season.

The hard work that the students put into their marching technique and over all musicality was extremely apparent.

Perhaps even more impressive was the amount of support given to the students as their family and friends sat and patiently watched each performance.

Like any other extra-curricular activity, one can never truly imagine what goes through the minds of these young individuals while they are out on the field; it is only through actual experience that one can truly understand how effective even the smallest hint of support can be.

All of the county bands - White Plains, Pleasant Valley, Saks, Weaver, Wellborn, Piedmont, Anniston, Alexandria, and Ohatchee - showed a mutual and professional respect for the other bands as they performed, regardless of football-centered rivalries or marching style.

The students also exhibited a beautiful form of true musicianship: it is not always about being the best at what you do, whether it be instrumental, guard, or dance; it’s about improving the lives of others and providing entertainment in the best way you know how.

The Calhoun County bands did so with a class and grace unmatched by other students of their caliber.

For those who were unable to attend the exhibition, the performances will air on TV 24 Monday night at 9:30 PM.

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