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Wednesday Workshop gets students back on track


At last week's Wednesday Workshop, Michelle Green told all students in attendance, "I cannot stress to you how important it is to check your e-mail! We lose lots of students because they don't know about deadlines, and their classes get dropped."

Along with this helpful information, Green provided students with a whole presentation full of ways to get their semester started right. Green is the coordinator for JSU's Wednesday Workshops, which are meetings designed to help students who are new to college, or who may be confused about what to major in. The Academic Advisement Office is responsible for putting together these workshops. The first meeting of the semester was called, "Getting Back on Track: How Do I Start the Semester on the Right Track?"

Some objectives of Wednesday's meeting were to help students understand the importance of using time wisely, the use of academic advisors, choosing the right major, and the importance of a good academic standing.

"You should study more important subjects that need more work first and foremost," Green explained. She also talked about the importance of setting priorities, making to-do lists, knowing when one studies most effectively, and most importantly, being realistic about goals and not getting stressed out.

Green explained how most of the information needed concerning graduation requirements, financial aid, deadlines, and anything else pertaining to the university can be found through the search bar on the home page of JSU's website.

She also emphasized how important it is to understand JSU's completion rate. Students must complete 2/3 of the total credit hours attempted. The completion rate/pace of progression is calculated by dividing the overall earned hours by the overall credit hours attempted. New students may not understand the differences between passing a class and getting the grade of No Credit (NC) or Incomplete (I). If a student is doing badly in a class, it is a better idea to drop the class completely, rather than getting one of the above grades and hurting their completion rate.

Throughout the meeting, Green continuously emphasized how important it is for students to check their JSU e-mail. E-mail and completion rate are how JSU loses most students. It is also extremely important for students to know deadlines for payments.

Green will hold three more workshops this semester. All meetings are from 4:30-5:30 in room 332 in Martin Hall. The next meeting is on October 3rd, and it will cover registration information about creating a balanced spring schedule.

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