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Letter to the Editor


To whom it may concern:

Recently I was made aware, through Facebook, of some possible homecoming themes for the upcoming year. A poll sent out with possible themes listed "Cocky Games", a play off the largely popular novel series The Hunger Games, as the front runner amongst students. This theme excited not only myself, but many friends of mine that are currently students. Since then, I have come to learn that a decision has been made, against the will of the students, to go with "Gamecocks Rounding Up the Racers". As a recent graduate of the university, I find it highly offensive that such a large decision was made despite overwhelming want from students for "Cocky Games".

Many complaints I have heard throughout my years at JSU is that alumni do not give enough back to the university. What is the incentive to give back to a university that seems to show no interest in the students' want or will? When a large number of students voice their opinion about something and nothing gets done or something gets done that is nowhere near what was wanted, this discourages students. The more you discourage students, the more likely they are to transfer and/or never drop a dime back into their Alma Mater. The decision to not go with "Cocky Games" is a slap in the face to the very people who are paying good money to attend this university.

It is long overdue for the university to start listening to the very people that are paying their paycheck. Tuition brought in over $44 million in 2011. It is the university's highest source of revenue and yet decisions like the above mentioned made the students feel like they don't have a voice. When students feel like they do not have a voice, they feel disconnected and disinterested in the university as a whole. The week after they graduate, they will receive a letter from the Alumni organization. This letter simply ends up being filed in the trash because that is what students feel is being done with their input.

Nathan Andreasen


Jacksonville State University

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