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Lamb of God’s lead singer acquitted of manslaughter charges


As of 6:47 AM Eastern Standard time Randy Blythe, the lead singer of Lamb of God, is officially a free man. According to AP reports, he has been found not guilty and acquitted of all charges by courts in the Czech Republic in connection to the death of Daniel Nosek.

Blythe has been on trial for manslaughter in connection to the accidental death of Nosek, a nineteen-year-old who died after receiving a head injury from a fall off the stage at a Lamb of God performance in Prague in 2010.  

Nosek had charged the stage twice before the incident.  The first time he simply did a stage dive back into the crowd to elude security.  His second time to the stage he wasn’t as lucky.

Security had to remove him by shoving him back into the crowd.  The third time Nosek approached the stage, security could not get between he and Blythe; Blythe took matters into his own hands for protection.   He pushed Nosek away, causing him to fall backwards into the crowd and strike his head on the floor.

Nosek actually got up and never returned to the stage but was seen enjoying the remainder of the show and leaving on his own.  Fourteen days later, he was dead.  The cause of death was listed as complications from head trauma.  

Fast forward to June 2012, when Lamb of God returned to Prague to tour and support their new album “Resolutions.”  As soon as Randy Blythe stepped off the plane he was arrested by the Czech police and charged.  

Guitarist for Lamb of God Willie Adler offered this response: “It’s been a rough couple of days. All I can say is that I can’t recall that particular show, let alone a fan being beaten on the stage.”

Originally, Czech prosecutors contended that’s what happened. “I think I would’ve noticed something like that considering the Dime thing,” Adler said.

The “Dime thing” Adler refers to was the incident in December of 2004 in which “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott was shot and killed while on stage performing.  Since the death of Abbott security at shows has been at an all-time high.  

Blythe is set to return to the United States Thursday.  He is scheduled to spend time with his family for the first two weeks upon his return.  After that time, he will begin interviews with the press to discuss his experience over the past nine months.

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