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Hop into the Spring Frog Adventure at Frog Pond


Jacksonville State University Field Schools is hosting a hands-on experience to learn about frogs on Saturday, April 5, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the JSU Frog Pond in White Plains.

This is an event in which those of all ages can touch frogs and learn to identify their mating calls. Brave souls can even wade into the pond and catch the frogs themselves.

“Everyone will learn something new and discover how close frogs actually live to you,” says Dr. George Cline, JSU biology professor usually referred to as Dr. Frog.

Frog Pond, located near Highway 9 just south of White Plains Elementary School, is home to more species of frogs in one location than some states contain state-wide. On a typical frog adventure, five to six species will be identified, but on a night with especially good weather, eight to ten species can be identified.

This is the 15th year of the program, and it has grown significantly with the largest crowd having been 90 people.

Other sponsors of this event are the State Forestry Commission, Little River Canyon, and volunteers such as biology graduate students. Dr. Cline’s 18-year-old daughter also helps. She has been catching frogs since age two.

Dr. Cline studies frog calls all across northeast Alabama to gather information on their distribution. He and Dr. Rayburn, also a professor at JSU, have also been trying to catch a type of salamander called a hellbender for five years.

Dr. Cline encourages people to participate in the frog adventure as part of Frog Watch USA which promotes frog conservation.

Entry is $3 per person. If you are unable to attend, there will also be a frog adventure in May.

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