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These are our confessions


If you have been on Facebook recently, you may have noticed a new page that has caught the attention of several Jacksonville State University students.

It’s a place where JSU students can go and submit anonymous stories and comments about anything and everything. The page is named JSU Confessions.

The page was created on February 26 and already has 1,212 likes. The page also has a Twitter counterpart (@JSU_Confessions) where additional confessions are posted. The Twitter page recently gained over 600 followers.

In order to “confess,” one simply has to click the link provided on the page, type in their confession, and submit it. The confessions are completely anonymous, and there is no way to be identified unless you decide to identify yourself.

JSU Confessions is the brainchild of two JSU students who would also like to remain anonymous, like the confessors on their page. The two administrators control which confessions are posted, and update them on a daily basis. They choose not to post confessions that directly target specific people on JSU’s campus or that are derogatory towards particular groups of people.

In the two weeks that the page has existed, over 200 confessions have been added. The things weighing on JSU students’ minds vary from successful relationships to wishing for new opportunities in Jacksonville. One re-occurring subject on the page is the seemingly evil tendencies of the squirrels on campus.

The page seems vaguely familiar to some of its fans. It is vaguely reminiscent of “Chicken Scratch,” which once graced the pages of The Chanticleer not so long ago. Like “Chicken Scratch,” JSU Confessions is a platform from which JSU students can voice their concerns.

Some students hope that the page will catch the eyes of those who can help make the changes they want, or simply the person whose attention they want to attract. Regardless, JSU Confessions is a great way for Jax State students to express themselves.

There have been other pages that have tried to compete with JSU Confessions, but they have failed thus far.

Several students hope that the page will maintain popularity and that the administrators will keep it running, unlike other pages centered around JSU that have only operated for a short amount of time.

However, one thing is certain: JSU Confessions will keep operating as long as JSU students continue to contribute material to it.

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