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STAT Club hosts business etiquette dinner


Last Wednesday, the Student Alumni Association hosted a Business Etiquette Dinner at Leone Cole Auditorium.

JSU students were there to practice their professionalism in a mock business interview setting.

All students were served a three-course meal by JSU’s catering service, Sodexo.

Before the first course of the meal, students were instructed to stand up and read index cards with a ‘tip’ from their table. Each tip was a rule to follow wwhen one is at a meal with a host that one would like to impress, such as a future employer.

There were laughs throughout the dinner, but students also take note of its seriousness.

“We’re trying to incorporate not only good manners, but what to do if you’re in an interview situation,” said STAT Club advisor and Assistant Alumni Director Alan Renfroe.

“For example, always follow the host. If the host doesn’t order an appetizer, you don’t order an appetizer.”

STAT club, which stands for ‘Students today, Alumni Tomorrow,’ isn’t anything related to math. It was created in 2005 to help students with what to do after college.

Renfroe explained, “There was a need-for students coming out of school- to know things and skills that they didn’t learn in the classroom, like how to look for a job, etiquette, or how to put a resume together. All of them are real life experiences you aren’t really taught in the classroom.”

Preparation for the real world can certainly be stressful, and for those whose graduation date is quickly approaching, students and alumni alike understand.

Renfore said of STAT: “Our goal is to help the students step off that stage and into a job.” He added that alumni are eager to help with students by doing things like holding mock interviews. He said alumni don’t mind doing this because inside, they’re all still students.

“It’s all about who you know,” he advised. “If you have a good degree from a good school and you don’t know anybody, it’s useless.”

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