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Movie review: ‘Oz; The Great and Powerful’ suffers from poor storytelling


It may not feel like it today, but it will this weekend: spring is upon us. And besides all of the blooming flowers and rising temperatures, it also brings us some highly anticipated movies.

One of these incredibly hyped movies, “Oz; The Great and Powerful,” came out this past weekend.

This movie is set in before the timeless classic, “The Wizard of Oz.” Oz, played by James Franco, is a carnival magician who gets sucked up by a Kansas twister. Little does he know, he is the man that this land has been waiting for.

As always, I will start with the positives. The acting in this movie is strong. James Franco is the perfect actor to play the arrogant, selfish, magician. Also, the three witches were cast beautifully. Another thing I loved was the special effects. It was as if the Land of Oz was real.

For me however, there are bigger negatives than positives. The story didn’t flow at all. The plot was easily predictable. Also, there are some major continuity issues with the original “Wizard of Oz” film we all grew up with. Disney owns both films, so this is a huge problem in my opinion. In this film, Oz can’t grant wishes, but in “The Wizard of Oz,” he does.

Overall, I give this film two out of five stars. Little kids and fans of James Franco might enjoy this movie, but if you’re like me and love the classic “The Wizard of Oz,” then you’ll probably think it mediocre at best. For more movie reviews and Hollywood news, listen to Mum’s the Word every Tuesday night at 7 on WLJS 91.9 FM.

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