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Students rally in Montgomery


Students from colleges and universities all over Alabama are gathering at the state capitol today for Higher Education Day.

SGA President Jade Wagner explains the purpose High Education Day as a day “for schools in Alabama to get together and rally at the capitol to remind legislators that we are important and care about higher education and so should they. That way when they make the budget they remember to include us to try and help keep tuition down.”

“Alabama is ranked 43rd in the nation for educational attainment of its working population,” says Freshman Forum member Natalie Millar. “This means that the majority of working men and women of Alabama do not have a college education. Studies verify that a college education provides a greater chance of personal income success. Therefore, it is necessary to raise awareness that adequate funding should be awarded to higher education.”

The SGA does a lot behind the scenes to allow students the opportunity to participate in Higher Ed Day.

“We are a part of the Higher Education Partnership,” Wagner says. “We work with the partnership all year long planning for Higher Ed Day and other lobby days. We also coordinate the buses that go down to Higher Ed, work with Sodexo in providing breakfast, and we sign up and contact all of the students who go.”

SGA Chief Justice Torsten Dryden says students need to be involved with Higher Ed Day.

“The students are paying for college and essentially they should want to lower tuition,” he says.

JSU’s student government will be attending the event with any student who chooses to accompany them. They will be listening to what the State Legislators have to say about education funding.

They will also be taking a stand to help raise the amount of money that is set aside for universities in the state of Alabama.

Freshman Forum Mentor and Senator Tyler Brown says he hopes that, “we can get that number [of how much is given to higher education versus the K-12 program] higher and have more degrees put out of Alabama and have more money given to the universities in general and also make tuition rates cheaper.”

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