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JSU hosts annual symposium


The 2013 Jacksonville State University College of Arts and Sciences student research symposium was held on February 13th and 14th in the Houston Cole Library.

For years, the Symposium has served as a medium for students across the college of Arts and Sciences to connect, share, and present research projects and papers they have completed.

“The Art and Science Symposium is a way for students to present their best work,” says Dr. Janice Case, the Arts and Science Symposium Chair. “The Arts and Sciences department has far more variety in terms of classes than any of the other three colleges on campus. We have science, math, humanities, etc. So, the symposium is a great way to see what’s going on in other parts of the college.”

The Symposium featured students from all across the College of Arts and Sciences presenting their best projects. Students, friends, faulty and family members all gathered to be a part of the presentations.

“All of my students are seniors in a senior seminar, and all but one are in secondary education, so they are going to be teachers. This will help them gain the confidence to stand up in front of a group and work on their communication skills,” says Dr. David Dempsey, professor of Mathematics at JSU. He had six students participate.

One of his students was senior Math major Mary Kathryn Killion, who presented on “Euclid of Alexandria.” “It was fun; it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,” Killion said. “I kind of enjoyed it. There were a lot of people I knew in the audience, so that was good.”

Students aren’t the only ones who walk away from the symposium with an experience to remember; the audience enjoys the same pleasure.

“There was a Biology student who did an English paper, but he’s in my biology class,” says Dr. Case. “He talked about John Clare. After I heard his presentation, I went out, found the book and began to look into it.”

The student she was speaking of was Calvin Baker, who completed his paper in Dr. John Jones’ Romantic Poetry class in the Fall of 2012.  

“This happens every year,” Case says. “There’s always something that a student brings up and I think that I’d like to know more about”

With Dr. Case in charge, there will be Symposiums held annually. She encourages all students, both undergraduate and graduate, to participate. “I would like to encourage any student who has a paper or some kind of research work they are proud of to present; it doesn’t have to be in your major. Everyone during their college career goes through a project that they put a lot of work into, and if it turns out very well, it’s nice to be able to share that.”

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