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New phone charging stations offer students the opportunity to ‘refuel’ their favorite devices


JSU students can now worry less about getting stuck with a dead cell phone while on campus.

That’s because the SGA installed two new phone charging stations, which can be found at the Office of Student Life on the fourth floor of the TMB and Jack Hopper Dining Hall.

The stations will provide students with a means of electricity for their devices without having to worry about lugging around their chargers and having to keep up with endless amounts of cords.

In the future, another charging station will be available in Jazzman’s at the Houston Cole Library. SGA President Jade Wagner must finalize the installation of that charger, though.

“When we realized we had the extra money allocated to the SGA, we knew we wanted to do something for the students. We
all brainstormed different ideas and finally agreed that the charging stations would help the most students,” Wagner says.

She feels the charging stations will be extremely useful to students, especially if the university suffers any more severe weather during this or future winter seasons.

The charging stations at Jack Hopper and Houston Cole will be wall mounted and immovable, whereas the station outside the
Office of Student Life is mobile.

“As soon as I installed it, people started using it,” Wagner says of Jack Hopper’s charging station.

And when she took the mobile charging station to Monday night’s Student Senate meeting, she says she had to leave it when the meeting concluded because “there were so many cell phones piled on top of it.”

Wagner says the SGA intends to deploy the mobile station at all of the organization’s future events, like tailgates, Senate and Freshman Forum meetings.

The stations are equipped with several types of adapters fitting the most popular Android and Apple devices, including the iPad; there is even an adapter for BlackBerry phones.

Only cell phones and tablets can be charged at the stations, as laptop chargers are not standardized.

The charging stations cost the SGA $2,257.

“Many other charging stations were more than eight thousand dollars,” says Wagner, who shopped around before deciding to purchase these.

“We looked at all sorts of different companies. I called every college in Alabama and asked if they had charging stations. All but a few had them. We agreed to get two wall-mount charging stations and one mobile charging station.”

The wall-mounted stations are rectangular consoles with a shelf for phones across the bottom. They have a Jacksonville State University logo at the top, designed by the Marketing Department; two main ports with the various adapters protrude from the station’s center.

Even though JSU was one of only a few schools that didn’t offer its students charging stations before Monday, it’s still slightly ahead of the curb.

After Wagner posted pictures of her installing the charging stations and students making use of them on the internet, an SGA officer from Birmingham Southern contacted her requesting information about obtaining the stations.

“When they arrived Monday, we all jumped around like children on Christmas,” says Wagner.

The SGA has been working on this project for some time, and now students across campus will get to reap the rewards of their determination—and so will their cell phones.

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