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Applications to run in upcoming SGA elections now available in Student Life office


In the next few weeks, Student Government Association elections will be gearing up and getting ready to begin.

On February 17, applications for interested candidates became available in the Student Life office, and in March, speeches and debates will begin.

The general election will be held on March 20.

Interested candidates can run for President, Vice President of Student Senate, Vice President of Student Activities, Vice President of Organizational Affairs, and Senator.

Though various campaign activities take quite some time, current SGA President Jade Wagner explains that the process is completely worth the effort.

“I’m responsible for being the voice of the students on about 18 different committees. It doesn’t matter when the committees meet, I have to be there to represent the students,” Wagner says.

For example, she recently took a poll of 200 students about their thoughts on the school calendar and used those results to report back to administrators about what students wanted. Not only does she serve as a liaison between students and administration, she also oversees all SGA positions.

Serving as president can be timeconsuming, but Wagner has loved every minute of her time with the SGA and has learned many valuable lessons about leadership and working with others. “I’m always getting to meet new people and I always get to have fun,” she says.

Brett Johnson, the Vice President of Student Senate, agrees. His main responsibility is to preside over 35 student senators. He also fills in for
President Wagner when she is unable to attend meetings and spearheads Homecoming every fall.

Because Johnson works so closely with the Student Senate, he loves getting to know so many different types of students that come from various backgrounds and organizations.

The Vice President of Organizational Affairs, Ariel Tolson, has similar responsibilities. Tolson presides over the Organizational Council. Some of her jobs include reimbursing organizations, working with various organizations, and helping with the Allocations Committee.

Like the other SGA officers, Tolson enjoys getting to work with different organizations. “I love people! There is so much diversity in our school and I get to work with so many people,” she says.

The benefits of working with so many people are enjoyed by more than just the students.

Debbie Taylor, the Assistant Director of Student Life, loves being able to advise the SGA because she gets to know so many students every year. In addition to being the SGA’s advisor, she helps with fall Homecoming, Family Day, tailgating, and SGA elections.

Taylor especially enjoys going to Collegiate Legislature with her student senators. At Collegiate Legislature, the senators meet with other university students and create mock legislature. Taylor loves getting to see her senators sitting in the actual seats used by our government’s politicians.

She loves spending time getting to know the students and says, “they help keep me in the know!”

All of the SGA officers stressed the importance of the SGA and its impact on the school.

President Wagner encouraged anyone interested in holding a position to run for office.

Though being involved with the SGA is a big commitment, the benefits are well worth the time.

If you are interested in being a part of the Student Government Association, pick up an application in their office on the top floor of the TMB.

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