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Love and a million dollars


Are You the One? is a new reality dating competition show on MTV that airs on Tuesdays at 11/10c.

The title alone can be alluring enough to make an individual want to watch what is going on in this show and find out if is it like all the other reality dating television shows.

There are many dating shows on different networks, but this show grants the prize of a million dollars if done correctly.

The objective of the show is to show is to help those who are seeking love find their perfect match.

Twenty individuals, ten men and ten women, participate in this season with the hopes of walking away with love and the cash grand prize.

The objective may be to find the perfect match, but it is through a series of guessing who is correct. The twist of it involves guessing the specific person’s match, with each couple placing their right hand to be scanned and scans to be locked in to analyze which guessed pair is correct.

In the process of the results, the number of correct couples is given but not which couples it applies to. Therefore, it is still a question as to which couple will win the prize of love and money.

The twists of the game continue. After the competition continues for the week, the couples are voted on by each remaining contestant as to which couple should go in the body analysis scanner.

The body analysis scanner gives a clear answer of whether the chosen couples perfectly match or if their search still remains.

If a couple manages to be find their perfect match, the couple gets transferred to the honeymoon suite of the location and have to come back for each result reading from the contestants that remain.

This reality competition is what one can really call a gamble for the money, but in this case, the prize of love is also involved. Because the contestants end up spending so much time together trying to find their perfect mate, invariably emotions get involved and cat fights occur.

So far there have not been any perfect matches to occur through the body analysis scan. Those that match are still unknown and the game continues on.

In the midst of it all, imagine liking someone and finding out that they are not the perfect match, and have to watch him or her choose someone else because the overall objective is to win the money with a side of love, leaving no room for the contestants to linger on what cannot be claimed.

This show truly embodies the cycle of dating in our own reality today, so tune in to MTV on Tuesdays to see which cast members are the perfect match and a million dollars richer.

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