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Disney buys Lucasfilm, announces new Star Wars movie


The phrase “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” is one that most people have heard before. If not, it is possible that they have been hiding under a rock for the past 30 years that the Star Wars Saga has been in existence.

News was released by The Walt Disney Company on October 30th that they would be purchasing Lucasfilm, which includes the rights to the beloved series and cult phenomenon, for over $4 billion.

Disney plans to release their first attempt at a Star Wars film in 2015, and then every two to three years after that. Disney is also in talks of maybe building a Star Wars theme park or making a Star Wars inspired section to one of the pre-existing parks.

Perhaps no other series has such a great following like Star Wars does. Their fans range from those who saw the first film when it first came to theaters to those who aren’t old enough to see the films, but own a light saber in every color. It’s estimated that the franchise has had a revenue of over $27 million from the various toys, books, and other related products.

This is definitely a smart venture on Disney’s part. However, one thing is certain. If Disney plans on making any money off of their Star Wars venture, they need to keep these die-hard fans happy.

Many fans of the series have mixed feelings about the purchase already.

Some feel as if instead of helping to improve the series to its formal greatness, Disney will simply add Hans Solo to its ever-growing list of heroes and make Princess Leia into just another Disney Princess. George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars and the previous owner of Lucasfilm, has decided to let go of his responsibilities and simply serve as a creative consultant for the films. Some fans are thankful that Lucas has decided to step away from the films, and blame him for the lack of success of the most recent film.

Others would go on the record of saying that maybe the purchase won’t exactly be the death of Star Wars and Lucasfilm.

Disney has taken over several other companies over the past few years, like Pixar and Marvel. The Pixar films that Disney has made have been well-received by audiences since the purchase.

The single Marvel film that Disney has made, The Avengers, was one of the most anticipated films this year. Many Marvel fans are very hopeful for the direction that Disney plans on taking with the comic book characters.

Disney also has a successful ride themed off of the Star Wars Series. It’s possible that Disney can draw from these successful ventures and help create Star Wars films that will be of high quality and impress the already existing fans so that they continue to go to the box office. Maybe the selling of Lucasfilm to Disney will even help a new generation discover the Force.

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