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Of, by, and for the people


We all like to complain about government. However, we should note reasons why we can be thankful for our government.

The roads, bridges, and highways that you drive on each day. The public schools you grew up in. The local police officer who responded to your traffic accident. The firefighter who saved your loved one from that burning building.

The beautiful thing about our government is that we actually get to see it, interact with it, and communicate with it.

While it may not seem significant on the surface, the fact that our elected representatives and candidates come to us for support is truly a blessing. In many countries, common people aren’t allowed to address their government. In America, they might even show up at our doorstep.

Another thing to be thankful for is free and open elections. The fact that a simple mark of a ballot actually chooses who makes decisions on our behalf is remarkable.

Moreover, if these individuals aren’t behaving in a way that we approve of, in just a few years we have the opportunity to replace them with someone else who will. Talk about power!

Another area of government people like to complain about is the political party system. While I agree it has its flaws, I contend that America’s party system is one of the most successful in the world.

Think our government has problems with gridlock?

Multi-party systems often go through dozens of elections just to get a majority coalition of parties to form a government. This means that many fringe groups from socialists, fascists, to anarchist might come together to make one government.

Talk about gridlock!

In America, we know that we have two major choices, Democrat or Republican. This forces them to stay within the center of the political scale. Therefore, Americans are able to trust that if one party is elected they won’t stray too far to one extreme or the other.

Lastly, we should be thankful for what our local governments do. As I mentioned above, it is the firefighters, police officers, school teachers, roadways, and bridges that truly represent what is great about our government.

Government provides essential services that sustain the population and support our standard of living. In America, this government isn’t all made of elitists, millionaires, or demagogues.

No, it’s made up of the local trash collector who goes fishing on the weekends, the local school teacher who volunteers in the summertime, the police officer who coaches the little league baseball team. Our government is made of us.

Many people don’t think about these every-day aspects of government in our lives, but they make all of the difference in our standard of living. I contend that they are the linchpins that make the U.S.A. the greatest nation in the world.

Next time you start to complain about the government, remember who “the government” actually is. We can always be thankful for a government of, by, and for the people.

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