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Senators must take a test to keep their seats


The SGA is undeniably a key asset to the students of JSU. Its leaders bring fresh ideas and countless benefits to JSU. Like all other organizations, they abide by guidelines that make what they do for the students flow with fairness and creativity.

They look to a Code of Laws and a Constitution to outline how to continue maintaining the well-organized, well-kept Student Government Association that they are.

Vice President of Student Senate Brett Johnson oversees the legislative processes of student government. He recommended that student senators take a test to maintain their seat on the Senate this past March. Many senators took the test and passed with flying colors.

It was decided that the assessment would contain 20 multiple choice questions regarding the Code of Laws and the Constitution.

It started as an idea until bill authors Madison Rhoads and Mason Aldridge wrote out the bill in the proper language. Now, the bill passed and will be in effect in the upcoming Spring semester.

Senators will need to pass with 75% to keep their seat and have three tries to achieve the required score.

This new bill helps guarantee that those in the SGA have a working knowledge on the outline of student government so that it may continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

During debate over the bill, there was very little dissention. Any worries of the test targeting certain people or being biased were assuaged by the assurance that the test has been reviewed and approved by the SGA Advisor.

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