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Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,
I will be the first, and possibly only, student to say that I like the parking. There is ample parking and even the furthest distance is well within walking distance.

Take it from someone that constantly had to walk from Stone to Mason. It only takes 10 minutes to do so. You can get there in less if you speed walk.

The bus system, however, is an unaddressed issue that lingers on the forehead of the University.

There are far too many issues that can easily be solved:

Bus signs should be perpendicular to the road and not parallel to.

This makes it so that drivers can see them more easily.

Times of arrival should be listed at each stop

These times should be actual times.

Changes to the routes should be sent in a campus wide email

Stops that are no longer stops should have their signs removed (Upper stone center)

Buses should not be going through any parking lots.

Every bus should stay on the roads around campus. There is not a single building on campus that is less than a minute walk to a road.

Buses in parking lots are a danger to students crossing and also slow down the traffic flow of students leaving the parking

Each route should have another route that runs opposite with it.

Purple somewhat does this but there aren't enough buses on it.

These are just a few simple changes that would be easily implementable and would help with the overall traffic flow as well as getting
students to their classes on time, which is ultimately the main purpose of having a bus system.

From experience, I can tell you that it is faster to walk to Mason from Stone than it is to ride the Red bus.

So in regards to my last letter, thanks for reading but know it was not a slam on the overall Homecoming theme. It was a overview of the recent dissatisfaction I have gained with the University in regards to making the college experience better.Thank you for reading and I hope you have a pleasant day. And as always, Go Gamecocks!

Nathan Andreasen


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