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'Bipolar Boy' presents mental health in amusing way at comedy show


What better way to inform an audience of a worldwide problem than through humor? Paul E. Jones, otherwise known as Bipolar Boy, showed audiences on October 24, 2013, that using humor can be a great way to bring attention to problems that affect anyone and everyone.

Bipolar Boy kept the audience laughing during the program using his humor in order to make the oftentimes serious issue both informative and enjoyable.

Paul talked about a range of issues that were aimed at college students and the possible concerns or problems they could be facing. Such topics included freshmen transitions, loneliness, peer issues, alcohol and drug use, self-care, and coping skills.

His four main goals in speaking about these issues were to get an inside look at mental health, show you that you’re not alone, share some tools he uses every day, and change just one mind about mental health.

Paul accomplished each goal he set out to achieve while speaking that night.

He gave the audience inside look at different mental health issues such as bipolar disorder and depression and showed members of the audience that they were not alone in the problems that they faced.

In order to prove to those attending that they weren’t alone, Paul spoke about his life and struggles with his bipolar disorder and how people reacted to him.

Although it seems like a serious topic, he kept the audience chuckling while he spoke about the challenges that he faced.

He also showed the audience that everyone had their own problems and that some people were going through the same struggles in life.

Paul made everyone feel comfortable enough to raise their hands when asked to show who had different struggles in their lives. Everyone could look around and see that they were, indeed, not alone.

He also shared some tools he uses every day in life such as how he tries to eat healthy, exercise his body and, more importantly, his brain.
Most important though is staying positive in the day-to-day issues that a person faces.

Caitlin Long, a student at JSU, expressed her amazement at the problem that metal health issues posed. “I did not realize how many people around me could be affected by mental health. I am going to try and be more understanding with people around me… you never know what someone is going through or dealing with in life,” said Caitlin.

While Paul performed more of a stand-up comedy act than what was really an informative program on mental health issues, he shared some staggering statistics.

One statistic provided by the National Institute of Mental Health was that 26.6 percent of Americans ages sixteen and older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.

There are around 8,693 students at Jacksonville State University, which means, according to the previous statistic, that there potentially could be about 2,173 students attending JSU that are coping with mental issues.

Last Thursday night, the audience left Leon Cole auditorium with sides splitting from laughter after listening to Paul, a.k.a. Bipolar Boy, speak on mental health issues.

You can find out more on Bipolar Boy by visiting his websites at or

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