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Bill changes Homecoming court requirements


A bill was passed by the SGA Student Senate that changed the requirements for the Homecoming court from a minimum of 32 credit hours completed at JSU to a minimum of 24 credit hours.

The bill was passed at the senate meeting Monday with 22 senators in support and 11 senators in opposition.

The bill will now be either signed or vetoed by SGA President Jade Wagner.

Senator Tyler Brown authored the bill and presented it for debate at the SGA Student Senate meeting on Monday.

“Around Homecoming I had a student come up to me and ask me why it was considered [32] hours to run for Homecoming court,” said Brown.

“I honestly did not have an answer for that because it’s kind of a random number. They wanted to know if I would be willing to write the bill to make it where any student who had been at Jacksonville full time for a year could run for homecoming and I said yes.”

The bill passed by the senate amended chapter 704.8 of the Code of laws, which previously required candidates to have a minimum of 32 credit hours at JSU.

Some of the senate members argued that if JSU defines a  sophomore as someone who has taken at least 32 credit hours at a college or university, that the standard should be left at 32 credit hours.

“I personally think we should fail this bill because we  don’t need to lower our standard by saying 24 hours instead of 32,” said Senator Kadeem Hubbard.

“It is impressive that you’ve managed to be a full-time student for two semesters straight, but it is currently set at a sophomore level, so you need to be a sophomore.”

Other senate members argued that setting the minimum requirement at 24 credit hours allows students who are limited in the amount of credit hours they can take every semester to be afforded this privilege.

“I don’t see why anybody here that could be a senator or ambassador or run for several other offices at the school, can’t be eligible to run for this,” said Brown.

Homecoming court applicants must also have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 and must also be a currently active member of at least one JSU activity.

According to the Code of Laws, all laws that apply to the Homecoming queen also apply to the Homecoming king.

“I studied 189 students  at random from JSU and I asked them [if they] would be okay with this bill if it passed. 147 said yes, 14 said no, and the rest said they didn’t care either way,” said Brown.

The SGA Student Senate meets every Monday at 6 p.m. in the TMB auditorium and has three more Senate meeting remaining for the Fall semester.

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