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Operation Beautiful: One Post-It note at a time


Peer Educators, along with fifteen other organizations on campus, are taking action to combat negative self-talk and promote positive body image among JSU’s students.

These organizations along with Faculty Advisor Julie Nix are working to bring the world-wide campaign Operation Beautiful to JSU’s campus, in hopes of showing students that they are each beautiful in their own way.

The Operation Beautiful campaign was founded by Caitlin Boyle. The goal is to end negative self-talk, or “Fat talk”, as Boyle calls it. The project stemmed from her blog in June of 2009, which she used to discuss her own struggles with self-talk.

She says, “I hope it helps readers realize how truly toxic negative self-talk is. It hurts you emotionally, spiritually, and physically.”

Students are participating in her campaign by sticking Post It Notes around campus with a positive message written on it for someone to find and be encouraged by.The messages are typically something simple and uplifting, such as “Remember you are beautiful.”

Boyle’s website features some of the most inspiring notes that people have found and other inspiring messages.

There are people on campus who are struggling with low self-esteem and really need to receive these positive messages.

Negative self-image is an issue prevalent in all age groups and among both genders. Even though women are more susceptible to poor body-image and related illnesses, this problem is not gender specific, and men are more affected than one might think. Boyles states that there are more women with eating disorders in the country than there are women with breast cancer.

Along with this, the average age a girl first decides to start dieting is at eight years old.

Numbers this alarming call for action, and Operation Beautiful is a simple, fun project to get people to start feeling more positively about themselves.

There is already buzz all over campus about Operation Beautiful.

Nix says the campaign is by the majority student driven, but when she was approached by the Peer Educators for advisement she was more than happy to become involved, because she feels strongly about the issues the campaign is confronting.

There has been a great amount of support from other JSU faculty members. As soon as Nix released information about Operation Beautiful to the school’s website, she immediately began receiving emails from faculty telling her how great they think it is that she is helping to bring this program to campus.

Nix also emphasizes that the best thing about Operation Beautiful is how easy it is to get involved.

Students do not have to be part of any organization to participate. All they must do is go out and post a positive message around campus for someone else to find.

A simple message can often be all it takes to inspire someone struggling with a poor self-image.

For more information about Operation Beautiful visit

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