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The second Presidential Debate took place on Oct. 16, 2012 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. The issues covered were both domestic and foreign policy. The debate was conducted in a town hall format, where both candidates took turns answering questions from undecided voters.

The night’s debate touched on many of the same issues as the first meeting between the two men. This debate took on a significant purpose for the incumbent President. After the shocking performance of his first debate, President Obama came better prepared to face his challenger. On the other side, Governor Mitt Romney came prepared to handle the President and his tiresome accusations.

The key to this debate for me was the Vice Presidential Debate a few days earlier. I believe that debate set the tone for the second debate between the President and the Governor. The Republicans sent in Paul Ryan to gauge the reaction of the Democratic candidates. The President and Vice President need to make up ground and will do anything to catch up to the new front runners in the race. This includes making poor quality commercials about Big Bird. Let’s be honest Big Bird is a multi-million if not multi-billion dollar cash cow for PBS. Also, let’s not forget Elmo and Barney and the money they bring in for the network. The current administrations campaign centers around one clear fact, when you don’t have a record to run on then attack, attack, attack.

Looking at the second debate, Governor Romney reiterated his point of a five point economic plan, lower taxes for the middle class, and better education for better jobs.

The true test for Romney came during the foreign policy portion of the debate. The big issue on everyone’s mind was Libya. The terrorist attacks that took place on September 11, 2012 were a disaster from beginning to end. The President argues that no recommendations were made for the increase of security, which we all know to be false. The hearings on Capitol Hill proved this fact. Requests for more security were repeatedly denied as testified by various government and military officials. The biggest moment came when the Governor questioned the President about calling the attacks a terrorist attack.

The moderator, Candy Crowley of CNN, stepped in to say that the President did call the events a terrorist attack. Later, after the debate, she hinted that in the broader context the Governor was right in his assertion. I have read the transcript the President gave from the Rose Garden. Sorry to the Obama supporters, but he did not call what happened in Benghazi a terrorist attack. When giving his speech that day, the President spoke about terrorist attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. He made no mention of Libya until the end of his speech. At that point he referred to the attacks as senseless acts of violence. Ladies and gentlemen this is a far cry from terrorist attacks.

However, if he did refer to Benghazi as a terrorist attack, then why would high ranking officials (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice) go on every network news show insisting that what happened was the result of a video? The administration spent millions of dollars running ads in Pakistan and other Muslim countries apologizing. This behavior went on for two whole weeks before the President or anyone called this for what it was a well-coordinated terrorist attack. What is even worse about the situation is that they watched everything unfold in real time and they still had the audacity to call this a senseless act of violence.

The election is getting closer and closer. You have a choice between the failed and embarrassing policies of the Obama Administration, or the tested leadership of Governor Mitt Romney. America has been humiliated by four years of poor leadership which has seen our enemies embolden. America must regain her standing in the world; she must show peace through strength. We must make it clear that we are still a country of liberty and we will back down from evil.

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