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Movie Review: Alex Cross


Alex Cross, starring Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox, opened in theaters Oct 19th. Dr. Alex Cross is a detective created by James Patterson, who wrote Kiss the Girls as well as Along Came a Spider starring Morgan Freeman.

Tyler Perry takes over in the lead role this time around, as he comes head to head with a merciless assassin who takes his job very personally.

Picasso (Matthew Fox) is a hired killer sent to execute some high-ranking business executives. Dr. Cross and his team intervene on this assassins assignment and revenge is immediately set out on Dr. Cross and those around him. Dr. Cross then finds himself in a battle to protect everything and everyone connected to him.

This movie was a nice step up for Tyler Perry and a great opportunity for him to show a little diversity in his acting. It was nice to see him in a suspenseful action thriller. Perry really stepped outside of his comfort zone in order to realistically portray the great detective Alex Cross.
This movie is full of suspense and leaves the viewer on the edge of their seat. The viewer is really rooting for Dr, Cross to serve justice to this merciless villain.

Fox’s portrayal of this twisted villain was amazing. He really made the audience feel for his victims. Picasso (Fox) enjoys implementing pain, suffering and torture to his many victims, mostly women, throughout the film. His monicker, Picasso, is due to the sketch drawings that he leaves at scene of the crimes.

This is a terrific and terrifying villain. Fox gives a great performance and is one of the best villains that I have seen in a while. Fox really brought this character to life in showing the psychological dysfunction and obsession that this character has with making everyone pay for his discomfort.

Alex Cross made $11,750,000 opening weekend in the box office. Rotten Tomatoes rated this movie a 3.8 out of 10 with a 13 percent on the ‘Tomato Meter’.

Rotten Tomatoes also stated that, “Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox do their best, but they’re trampled by Rob Cohen’s frustrating direction and a tasteless, lazily written screenplay.”

Movie Line gave Alex Cross 5 out of 10, adding “Alex Cross is filled with accidental comedy, and while it’s a mess in any traditional movie sense, it’s has its moments of preposterous fun that come in the form of a nonsensical plot and a fabulously competent, scenery-gnawing villain.”

Despite these negative reviews, I recommend this movie for anyone who enjoys a suspenseful thriller. Alex Cross is really entertaining and enjoyable. This movie keeps the audience’s attention the entire way and there was never any real down time in the movie.

I feel that Alex Cross is informative, the staging was great and it had a great cast. The selection of cast members for this movie was carefully put together everyone fit into their roles perfectly. From Tyler Perry to Cicely Tyson this movie is a winner in my book and I loved it.
This movie was really worth the wait. Tyler Perry really brought Alex Cross to life, which I was not expecting. Perry had major shoes to fill coming behind Morgan Freeman but he handled the task exceptionally well and showed that he can be more than Madea.

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