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Student performance hour at Mason Hall a success


A group of musically inclined students demonstrated their amazing abilities last Friday afternoon in the Mason Hall Performance Center during the Concerts and Recitals Student Performance Hour. The program consisted of music major singers and musicians.

The performance hour started off with a beautiful arrangement of “Ah, Love, But a Day” sung by Mezzo Soprano singer Anna Stuart accompanied by Keri Parrack on the piano.

Anna also performed another beautiful but entertaining song that had the audience chuckling called “Amor,” which tells the story of a woman walking around town with “amor!” being shouted out by the men who saw her.

Next up to perform was Cary Mckinney, a soprano, with a  beautiful voice that hit every high note in the song Quella Barbara Cantena by Francesco Ciampi, accompanied on the piano by Rhonda Robinson.

Her voice flowed effortlessly throughout the Italian song while pronouncing each foreign word without a problem.

When asked if she gets nervous about singing in front of people she replied, “Yes, it feels like everyone is judging me.” Although Cary says she gets nervous performing, she failed to show those nerves and she gave the audience an exceptional performance.  

Next was pianist Mengyue Jia who showed her exceptional talents on the piano by performing Three Concert Etudes, “Un Sospiro” (A Sigh) by Franz Liszt. The audience sat in awe as they watched Mengyue’s fingers move swiftly up and down the key board. The sound produced by each key stroke resonated throughout the performance center.

Caitlin Long, a student and audience member, stated “She was an amazing pianist and I really enjoyed watching and listening to her perform.”

Not only was the audience mesmerized by Mengyue but she herself appeared to get lost in the music  as she performed.

Following the pianist was another Soprano singer, Rebekah James. Rebekah took the stage with her piano accompaniment played by Rhonda Robinson. Rebekah performed a French piece called “Ouvre Ton Cour.”

Her soprano voice was put on display when she hit each high note despite the difficulty it presented in being performed.

The piece she sung seemed dramatic but gave a delicate comparison of one’s heart opening up like a flower. Not only was the comparison delicate but Rebekah’s voice was also tantalizingly gentle and beautiful throughout the whole song.

Lastly, to close the performance hour, out walked Eric Hardin with trombone in hand. Eric prepared a piece called “Annie Laurie” by Arthur Pryor to perform for everyone that afternoon. He was accompanied by Dr. Gail Steward on the piano.

It was remarkable to hear the range of notes that Eric could hit by moving the hand slide of the trombone into different positions.

It takes a lot of nerve to be able to get up in front of a room full of strangers and sing or play an instrument but the music students who performed last Friday seemed to do it effortlessly.

If you would like to see a handful of musically talented fellow Jacksonville State students perform, Concerts and Recitals Student Performance Hour is held once or twice a month on Fridays at 1:45 in Mason Hall Performance Center.

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