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The Republican thinks...


For the Presidential Debate the other night Governor Mitt Romney laid his plans for the future of America. Governor Romney gave America a choice, the failed path of President Obama; which has seen a growth in regulation, taxes, spending (money we do not have), and a bigger government.

Mr. Romney laid a five point plan that will get America moving in the right direction. In his agenda, Mitt Romney pushed America’s need for energy independence which will create 4 million new jobs, open trade with partners in Latin America, cracking down on the Chinese, creating a skilled workforce through better education, having a balanced budget, and showing more support for small business. The backbone of America’s economy, small business, has seen a decrease in the last four years.

Governor Romney slammed claims by the President and other Democrats that he has a $5 trillion dollar tax cut for the wealthy. Conservatives know this is simply not true. Under the current administration the American middle class has continuously suffered higher taxes and more government intrusion into their lives. The average American household has seen their income reduced by $4,300. Prices at the grocery store have gone up, gas prices have been on the rise, and the average utility has risen.

The Governor highlighted that the training programs we have are currently housed in the federal government and not the states.

Mr. Romney noted that the money being kept by the Federal government should be given back to the states to better implement training programs. The training received by the people would go to better serve the development of energy and training. It is about the right type of training.

Mitt Romney noted that he will close tax exemptions, tax credits, and deductions to keep money generated by companies, to keep that money in the United States.

The former Governor noted that for his energy policy, he will double the number of permits and licenses on government land to increase oil and natural gas production.

Governor Romney pointed out that under the Obama Administration that the number of permits and licenses has gone down. Mitt Romney promised to open up oil drilling off the coast of Alaska and to bring a pipeline from Canada to Texas. The Governor also emphasized his support for the coal industry by saying America will burn more clean coal.

During the debate, Mitt Romney showed why Americans should elect him our next President of the United States of America.

You the voter can choose between re-electing an administration which has stumbled through four disastrous years and continued failure domestically, and that has repeatedly failed in showing America’s strength abroad. The other choice is Mitt Romney, a true leader that has decades long success in the private sector, helped rescue the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games, and will support our allies around the world. In the days after the debate America is clearly moving towards leadership.

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