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Balance the budget, cut the deficit, create millions of jobs and strengthen the middle-class; All of this and more were promised in Wednesday’s presidential debate and are things that we all want to see done. The question is who has the plan to get it done? The record proves that it is President Obama.

Throughout the debate, the President outlined the things that he has done and plans to do to accomplish these goals. He outlined his plan to cut the deficit by $4 trillion by taking a balanced approach, without sacrificing investments like education and infrastructure needed to grow the economy. He described his plan to create 1 million new manufacturing jobs and to help businesses double their exports so that all across the world consumers can see those three proud words stamped on our products: “Made In America.” Moreover, he described how he plans to invest in 100,000 new math and science teachers to keep our nation competitive in an evolving world.

Mitt Romney, however, never described to the American people his plan to take care of the problems facing you and me. Instead, he spent most of the time in the debate attempting to discount President Obama’s statements. Romney repeatedly said that he “has a plan” and “will work” and so on and so on, but he never told us HOW he would accomplish these goals. He even resorted to referring to his record as Governor of Massachusetts (which ranked 47th in the nation in job creation) claiming that “today Massachusetts’ schools are number one in the nation…” What he forgot to mention was that his term as Governor ended over 5 years ago and since then the Governor has been a Democrat.

On the economy, President Obama discredited Romney’s proposals by using what he and President Clinton describe as “arithmetic.” Romney’s plan proposes to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy (-$1 trillion), increase tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans (-$5 trillion) and increase unnecessary federal spending on the military (-$2 trillion). That equals $8 trillion that Mitt Romney has proposed that we add to our national debt. This is how he suggests we balance our budget? I say it doesn’t add up.

On education, President Obama cut out the middlemen that stole from student aid so that we could get more financial aid to more students across America, providing for a more educated work force. Economics 101: Businesses want to locate in areas where the most educated work force exists. Mitt Romney says students should borrow money from their parents to pay for school… Huh?! I bet if you had to do that, you wouldn’t be reading The Chanticleer today would you?
President Obama said it best when referring to Mitt Romney’s claims: “You can’t just say ‘I’ll sit down’, you’ve got to have a plan.” President Obama has a plan that has you and me in mind. By giving him our support in Nov., we can make his plan our reality.

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