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Movie Review: Taken 2


Taken 2 starring Liam Neeson opened in theaters Oct. 5, 2012. The movie picks up right where Taken leaves off. Bryan Mills (Neeson) and his wife are taken hostage in a direct sequence of events that follow the ending of the first film.

This movie is very action packed and full of surprise, and the fist scenes are very well done. There isn’t much by the way of pure development, but questions left over from the first film are answered. (In this quest he finally discovers the reason why he is being targeted.)

The first Taken was an edge-of-your-seat blast, and has a very strong influence on the sequel. The concept and story line are very similar and parallel to one another. Even down to the kidnapping of his daughter. Yes, again.

Due to tightly-knit direction and writing, there are certain plot points that you might not even understand if you haven’t seen the first film.

Even in the face of expanding on Taken to such an extent, Taken 2 just feels too much like the first film. There was a lot of growth and potential for this movie and for the Mills family, but the scenes, locations, villains and dialogue were just too similar for comfort.

Taken 2 really did not have a chance to grow and develop itself. I swear that some of the scenes were exactly the same, as having the daughter is under siege for a second time felt really redundant. It got to the point that I really didn’t care what happened, as I had seen it all before.
There is a lot that this movie could have progressed in such as staging and character development, but none of it ever happens. There is nothing different in this movie than what’s in the first one.

In the box office this movie blew away its rivals with an astonishing $ 50.4 million debut weekend. Overseas, Taken 2 opening weekend brought in $55 million. The film is doing very well financially.

But, to critics and viewers, with the expectations set forth by the first Taken this movie did not surpass its predecessor.
(At the time of printing, Taken 2 sported a shockingly low rating of 20% at Rotten Tomatoes. One reviewer said, “It would be good film, full of action and excitement, if it wasn’t the same damn movie as the first one.”)

Despite the references back to the first film in Taken 2’s story line, I do recommend this movie for people who have not seen the first Taken. It will be a thrilling rush due to the action and slight romance.

I do not, however, recommend this movie for anyone who has seen the first. Taken 2 will simply leave you in a repetitive state, thinking the theater might have just popped in a DVD of the first movie .

Taken 2 starts off smooth and recaps all that has happened to bring things to where they are in the film. There were a few comical moments that did not last long, some romance and quite a few solid action scenes, but the whole movie itself did not feel like a sequel, instead it felt like deleted scenes of the first Taken.

As moviegoers worldwide confusingly continue to fuel Taken 2 as a financial success, we will see in the coming months if the Mills family will return again. If so, let’s hope that they learn from this one and give us something a little fresher.

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