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Album Review: Shrines by Purity Ring


Are you a fan of a little postdub chillwave indietronica? Do those words even make sense to you? No matter. Shrines by Purity Ring is a great album, no matter what lingo you attach to it.

Formed in 2010, Purity Ring consists of twentysomethings Megan James and Corin Roddick.

Heavily percussion driven and featuring custom-built instruments, almost everything about this band is chopped, looped and echoed. This might sound very bland and typical in today’s world of electronic indie music but, unlike most, Purity Ring stacks hooks on top of hooks to keep your ear intrigued and you head bobbing.

Relaxed synth tones roll in like waves lapping on the shore as James’ sweet vocals flicker in the sky above them. It’s easy to hear the dubstep influence in this Canadian duo’s debut, but with the wub-wubs turned way down. While it is still possible to turn up your stereo and wobble to a few songs on Shrines in traditional dub fashion, this stellar disc is definitely something more mature than that. It is something subtler and more like a single act of art than a collection of eleven songs.

Though it may feel short, clocking in at a little less than 40 minutes, you get well what you pay for, as these songs are going to be bouncing around in your head for quite a while.

Eclectic song writing, catchy hooks, great production and almost instant likability, this is already in contention for album of the year.

Keep those ears open. As dubstep falters and those in that particular music community begin to look past its overblown success, this is what they are going to find, and that’s awesome.

To say that Shrines is an impressive debut for an electronic group is an understatement. Canadian duo Purity Ring have a cool masterpiece on their hands. Fans of Grimes, Imogen Heap and the XX are going to lean real hard when they hear this one.

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