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And then there was Saints Row IV


Most sandbox-style video games are pretty straightforward. Whether it’s completing missions, maintaining control over parts of a city, or beating up bad guys, there’s usually a method to the madness.

And then there’s Saints Row IV.

After establishing control of the presidency of the United States, the Saints have graduated from their once humble street crime beginnings in Stilwater and Steelport and have focused their attentions on the White House.

That is, until the Zin alien horde attacks Earth and kidnaps a majority of the population, with your crew included.

Now it’s up to you to rescue the remaining Saints and stop the Zin’s leader, Zinyak, from destroying all of humanity.

Even if you’re not already a fan of the series, you’ll definitely want to pick this up for the gameplay and mission rewards alone.

A big plus to this latest installment is the return of the once thought-to-be-dead Johnny Gat, who is ready to fight back with the Saints and make up for the lost time.

The game holds all of its old charm with some new twists thrown in, including a return to a now digitized Steelport where a majority of the game is set.

With a host of video game references and pop culture quips, the Saints’ humor never ceases to amuse.

The combat controls are as simple and satisfying as ever, introducing a new super power based combat mechanic.

From super speed, to gliding at incredible heights, the Boss becomes an unofficial superhero in every sense of the word.

Thanks to the side missions from your rescued crew, you’ll obtain new weapons and costumes, the NyteBlayde Energy Sword and the Dubstep gun being two of my personal favorites.

As far as downloadable content goes, one of the most satisfying purchasable weapons is the ‘Merica gun. Yes, this is a thing, and yes, you do want it.

One thing I never really used this time around though, that was one of my favorite parts of the old games, was driving and customizing the new vehicles. What’s the point of a decked out car when you can just jump to astrological heights and glide to your destination?

Driving around seemed a little pointless because of being able to glide anywhere you wanted, but nevertheless, the new vehicles are impressive.

If you can only see one part of Saints Row IV, it’s undoubtedly got to be the opening. Just watch it and you’ll see what I mean when I say that this game grabbed me by the thumbs and never let go.

I can’t even explain to you just how much I enjoyed playing Saints Row IV.

I played for almost six hours in one sitting and was in no hurry to quit, and that should tell you everything you need to know as a gamer.

In essence, if you love being a cool guy, causing explosions, and walking away from them, you’ll love Saints Row IV.

Saints Row IV is available on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on Steam.

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