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Board considers iPads for freshmen in 2015


The new year could come with a new toy for incoming freshmen.

The Board of Trustees met on Jan. 27 to discuss the issuing of iPads to freshmen in addition to their dorms and meal plans, starting in 2015. But it won’t be just a leisure item for the new students. These iPads will be a way for JSU professors to implement learning in ways that will challenge students to think more critically on their own.

The plan is called Fast Forward, according to SGA President Jade Wagner.

“In high school,” said Wagner, “people are used to this technology, and when they come to college it’s kind of like taking a step back.”

This will be JSU’s way of keeping up with the advancements made in lower level schools—and other colleges, also—to ensure incoming freshmen are not taking this “step back.”

JSU will also be able to allow itself to become a more desirable school for prospective students immersed in technology in their daily lives by implementing this plan.

The iPads are not only a way to compete with other schools, however.

“This is JSU mainly trying to keep up with itself,” said Wagner, “and making itself more marketable, keep us up with the times.”

The iPads could also create the potential for new students to take a more direct hand in their own education as they learn—or improve—skills at using the device for a more hands-on education experience.

JSU could be taking new steps into the future with the implementation of this plan. Students starting in 2015 will find a school striving to become well-versed in the technology available today.

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