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SGA "New Deal" to be presented Spring 2013


A series of new legislation proposals will be brought up in front of JSU’s Student Senate throughout the spring semester.

The new legislative package was written by Brett Johnson, a Junior Senator. Being a part of the legislative branch of the Student Government Association, Johnson looks to the future of the Association by implementing a more JSU relevant form of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal, which consists of relief, recovery, and reform. Johnson created the proposals to better the students’ experiences as well as optimize current SGA commitment to the student body.

The package contains over ten bills that will be presented to the Student Senate for discussion each week. The package focuses on SGA reform that can increase duties for those holding offices that can manage it and relieve responsibilities from offices that are overwhelmed with it. One of Senator Johnson’s proposals is centered on the position of Parliamentarian, which takes into consideration a possible conflict of interests regarding current obligations.

Many of the proposals give the Student Senators an opportunity to grow as the representatives of the student body by familiarizing
them with specific processes of the Senate itself. These bills include required office hours for the Senators to become acquainted
with these procedures as well as get them more involved in the student body’s best interest.

One of Senator Johnson’s proposals is also designed to create a new Executive Committee, which would include all of the Senate leadership positions, and would be headed by the President of the Student Senate. This committee would function as a backboard to the positions that have many responsibilities, and create staff positions when the need arises.

"It may not seem like it, but one person dealing with 35 senators with 35 different opinions and ideas is a lot to handle," says Johnson.

Another proposal includes an establishment of a Student Senate in the summer term, which is designed to give the summer students a voice in those less busy months. Other proposals were written to set a time limit on the debate for a bill and to allow the Senators to see bills before they are put to debate.

"It provides for a more educated, time efficient and productive debate and discussion on the bill and gives a more educated vote in the end," Johnson explains.

The Student Senate currently sweets every Monday at 6:00 p.m. in the Theron Montgomery Building, Room 300. Anyone in the student body can join these meetings and learn what is being debated in the Student Senate. Two of the many "New Deal" bills are to be discussed at these meetings over a span of six weeks. Johnson hopes to "make the student experience here the best it can be".

Johnson plans to do this by "renovating the SGA". With this package of proposals, Senator Johnson plans the beginning of a long term goal of establishing a new electoral system, which will positively affect the entire student body for years to come.

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